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Getting all Cosy with Simply Be

I have recently collaborated with Simply Be on a little project. I got to choose a few items from their website, which has such a huge selection.
Simply Be has never been a website I have used before, mainly due to the fact that it stocks the latest fashion for women in a size 12-32, which i am not, but i still was interested in what they have on their site.
Especially in december they had such a huge range of going out tops, jeans, party dresses and the cosiest pyjamas.
I selected a few items, two which i will share today with you and the other i am saving for a styling post as it is a BEAUTIFUL sparkly red dress, which i got in a size 10, and it actually fits really well considering i am usually a bit smaller than that.

I picked up the CUTEST little slippers. I don't know about you, but i love being all cosy and slippers are key. I don't know if these are cats or mice, but i love them either way. They are super soft inside, and i love the ears that stick out from the slippers, i love them.

I also choose this super cosy black lounge jumper, i got this in a size 12, which was the smallest size available, but i wanted it super oversized so it is so cosy. It lived up to the expectations.
I love the ribbed detail that the jumper has, it gives it a bit extra to it, and because it is black and it goes with all my cosy pyjama bottoms, which is a plus. I still like to match and have comfy clothes that actually go nicely together and this black jumper matches them all and it so soft on the inside.

If you are interested in any of the items i have mentioned, then use the link here to check out the huge cosy selection. Thanks to the wonderful team at Simply Be for being SO generous! I will defintley be checking out the website frequently, especially to see if they have any more of these ADORB slippers!!

Taking A Break

I have just got back from a wonderful week away at Centreparcs with Charlie. We had such a lovely time, I think it’s so great to have a break from the busy working life and get your head back on track and get yourself in the zone.
I’m going to write a blog post all about it soon when I get my disposable cameras that I took developed, so keep your eyes open for that shortly.

I think being away from home, amongst all the trees, just properly relaxing for a whole week really made me realise just how important it is to just relax and give yourself time to breathe.
I didn’t realise how busy I was at work, how the early mornings and late nights are actually affecting me more than I thought, and how I am struggling to fit everything in.
Getting away and having a break has made me feel so much better. I feel refreshed, ready to go back to work with a clear head but most importantly I just feel happier again.
Spending quality time with family, friends and partners is so important and working the hours I do means that meeting with friends can be tricky when fitting it into all of our busy lifestyles, so having a whole week made me realise just how special quality time is.
Something that in 2018 I am going to make much more time for.

A Fresh Start

How do i start this? It's been over 3 months since i last sat down and wrote a blog post. I feel a bit of out of touch with it all to be honest. 
I don't even know what the point of this is, or what i am going to say but i felt i need to say something .

The past few months i have just been LOVING life. Getting away from my laptop and having some breathing space away from my blog i felt has been very beneficial. 
I have cleared my head a little bit and been spending time with the ones i love most. 
I have started my new job, something massive for me and a reason why i haven't had time to do so much on my blog. I am loving it, it is everything i have ever wanted and more. 
I re-joined the gym last year and have been totally getting into it and actually really enjoying it.
I have brought myself and my family a netflix subscription, another reason why i have been away from my blog. 
I have decided what i want to do with this little space on the internet. I don't want to write stuff like i used to back in the day because quite frankly i don't care about what products i have been using over the last month, and if i don't care i'm quite sure you won't either.
So, i'm going to do something very selfish and use this space for myself. 
Writing about adventures i have had, places i have visited, exciting things i have learnt, thoughts in my head and little life updates. So, in a few years i can look back on this and see all the exciting things i have got up too. 
Unfortunately however, i don't have as much time to do fancy things anymore. Mostly because my weekends are my free time, and Charlie works most weekends all day and night. The evenings are too dark, by the time i get home from my commute, it is way to dark for anything.
In the summer however it will be a different story and i'm hoping for more skating and more picnics and more happy memories in the sunshine.
My weeks will hopefully be re-appearing too, so watch this space. 
So, bare with me while i find my blogging head again and get back into it. If it doesn't work, then that might have to be it for me as i don't want to force anything, but this is something i have always loved. 

A Visit To Stourhead

Stourhead is a place i have desperate to visit and the other day me and charlie both had a day off on the same day (very rare) and it was sunny too (even rarer).
So we hopped in my car and i drove us down to Warminster. We had such a lovely day, the trees were beginning to change colours and it really was beautiful. There was a beautiful mansion, gardens and woodland areas too. We took a lovely walk all around the lake there following all the paths around. After our walk we ate at the resturant onsite, which is a proper country pub. I had a chicken and chorizo salad and charlie ate a ham and mustard sandwich and we shared a bowl of chips. It really was a beautiful day and got me so excited for autumn.

October Already?

I can't believe it's October already! This is super exciting for me, autumn is here, my birthday is in a few weeks and Christmas is on its way.
I LOVE cracking out all of my big comfy jumpers, jackets and scarves from all my vacumn packed bags and boxes under my bed. Honestly this excites me way more than it should do and i've already got a few pieces out. I love wrapping up all cosy and layering up and teaming it all with little ankle boots and popping a bobble hat on.
I cant wait for autumny walks in the woods and in the park, im planning on taking charlie to a beautiful national trust site about an hour or so away full of beautiful trees.
My FAV things about Autumn

  1. new clothes in so many different colours
  2. layering up and being so cosy all the time
  3. darker nights earlier in the evening so more candles 
  4. orange leaves all on the ground
  5. hot chocolates with marshmallows and chai lattes
  6. comfort food and yummy soups
  7. bonfire night (i love fireworks)
  8. log burner and fires are lit
  9. blankets, blankets and blankets
  10. cosy nights watching films and cuddling
  11. crisp fresh air walks

I wanted to round up and show some pictures from October last year to get me even more excited than i already am and get me making even more amazing memories in the free time that i get. Also, hoping to get charlie out using my big camera soon to help me take some outfit pictures of new bits i've brought so keep your eye out for that!

10 Life Goals

I am a very driven person. If I want something I will work really hard to get it, no matter what it takes. I want to be successful, work hard but play hard too. So, today I wanted to just write 10 of my life goals to look back on in the future and see if I can achieve anything, anything at all.

  1. Own my own house - I am desperate to be able to purchase my own house, I know it will take ages, and I will no doubt begin renting, but with my new incredible apprenticeship wage. I'm hoping that I will be able to move out sooner rather than later, at least that's the plan me and Charlie both have
  2. Enjoy My Life - I want to be spontaneous and adventurous in my spare time when I'm not working to get the most out of my life and do exciting things.
  3. Be Financially Stable - I want to be able to purchase what I want when I want too and not have to be concerned about money. If I continue the way I'm going now I know I will be fine as I am very financially sensible.
  4. Continue Being Close to Family - I want to be close to my family all my life, even when I move out and start working even more, family Is so important
  5. Travel - I want to visit lots of places, so travelling is 100% on the cards for the future, I want to visit some exciting places with Charlie and we've already started making a list.
  6. Socialise - I want to keep going out with my friends for lunch, drinks and dinners and keep enjoying spending time with my friends when I can
  7. Own an Audi - This is my total dream. I have been looking at buying an Audi a1 ever since I began learning to drive, one day I hope I will.
  8. Own a Pet - I cant wait to move out and get myself a little puppy, I love cockapoo's or anything little, cute and fluffy.
  9. Have a Family - Definitely not for the immediate future but I would love to be a mum and have my own little family when I am older and financially stable enough to have a family
  10. Have a successful career - I know the opportunity I have coming up shortly working for HMRC is an incredible opportunity and I'm hoping it leads to even better things in the future.

How Much Does My Face Cost?

I've seen this blog post a few times on some of my favourite bloggers sites and I thought I've love to try it out myself, mainly just out of curiosity. It's the how much does my face cost post, so I've gathered all the bits I use everyday on my face. I'm not a massive switcher of my make up, I like what I like and don't tend to change it up that often. I haven't included any tools like brushes and curlers in this as I don't think they are necessary, they help with application.

So starting off with a base, I use the bourjois healthy mix foundation and the rimmel match perfection foundation mixed together for a good coverage, these added together cost £17.98
For eyebrows I use the sleek brow stylist which is £6.49 and a brown shade from No7 Eyeshadow palette costing £12.95.
For my lashes I use two mascaras, the miss sporty studio lash which is £2.99. I also use the bourjois volume clubbing mascara which is £7.99.
For eye liner I use a Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner which is £5.29. I use a sleek highlighter palette in shade Cleopatra's kiss for my eyeshadow, because it has the most incredible colours that are shimmery and gold, this costs £9.99.
For the rest of my face I use the sleek face form contour kit which costs £9.99 and also the blush palette in shade lace which also costs £9.99.
For my favourite part, highlighter, I use the revolution highlighter in shade golden lights for £3.00 and also the Mac soft and gentle highlighter which costs £24.50.
Then lastly, lips. I use the NYX liquid suede in shade sandstorm which costs £7 and I often mix it with a bourjois velvet rouge edition in shade peach club for £8.99.

This has been so interesting for me to do and see what I'm spending and where, so in total my face costs £127.11, haha what a ridiculous amount of money thank goodness I don't have to spend this every day and instead just once every few months.

My Week #108 - Cooking, Partying & Drinking

I've had a lovely week. Mostly full if working and spending much needed cosy days with Charlie.
At the beginning of the week I wasn't feeling very well at all, I had an awful cold, headache and felt dizzy. So Charlie was looking after me and we made a delicious meal together, Charlie cooked some steaks for us and made a peppercorn sauce, which was incredible! I put us some chunky chips in the oven and did a little salad, which Charlie made a honey and mustard sauce for, it was amazing and just what I needed to make me feel a little better. We have been watching the star wars films too this week which has been lovely and great fun. On Thursday night after a long night at work, me and my friend Jack got a taxi into town to meet up with my friends and Charlie who were all out clubbing, I had such a nice evening although it was such a late night. After recovering with a big breakfast on Friday I had a nice day chilling out and doing some jobs. On Saturday me and sister went into Bristol to do some much needed shopping, I had such a lovely day with her. Then in the evening Charlie took me out for dinner and it was SO much fun, we both really enjoyed it and had a nice few drinks together, a lovely way to spend a rare Saturday night off. Hope you have had a lovely week

15 Things That Make Me Happy

Today I wanted to write a little post about all the things that make me happy right now. I wrote a post last week about how things are changing as I get older, but I wanted to reflect on some little things that make me happy all the time.

  1. Seeing Charlie after we have had time apart due to working all the time and having such wonderful days out together and so much fun.
  2. Writing all my hours and things to remember down in my organiser, makes me feel like I have my life together.
  3. Waking up feeling refreshed after a nice lie in
  4. Watching the sunset down on the beach after a beautiful day spent in the sunshine
  5. Catching up with my little sister when I have been away for a couple days and filling each other in with all the gossip.
  6. Sitting down after a long shift at work and scrolling through my phone and eating prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce.
  7. Having a nice gin and tonic with ice and lemon
  8. Eating out in a nice restaurant with wonderful company
  9. Getting ready for night out and eating chicken nuggets with my three best girls
  10. Feeling successful because I work hard earning money for my future
  11. Spending quality time with my family
  12. Going out for breakfast with my friends from work and having a good old gossip
  13. Cuddling under a duvet
  14. Finishing a good book and recommending it to friends
  15. Driving in my car listening to my favourite songs and singing loudly with the windows down

Getting My Life Together #1 - New Diary

I have chosen to start a new series today on my blog called getting my life together, over the past few months I have made changed and done things to become so much more organised, so I thought I would talk you through all of these things I have done.
I write lists and I like to see everything I am doing written down infront of me in one place rather than on my phone. So when me Charlie and my sister went shopping the other day I brought myself a new diary that runs from August 2017 - December 2018.
This diary is by Ban.do and was £20 from John Lewis, but when using it everyday for the next year and a bit I know I will get my moneys worth.
So, I have filled it all out and taken pictures of my favourite pages and bits and bobs to show you all.

I love this page. 'Reasons To Party' I have chosen to write down birthday dates in the correct month. I'm pretty good at remembering birthdays but I know It would help to have It all in one place.

Each month begins by a beautiful two pages of art which I LOVE.

Then turning the page leads you to a whole monthly view in one place and a little notes bit at the side. I think this will be really useful when I begin my full time job.

Then after the monthly view there is a double page of notes space which I have so far used as a shopping list as well as things to remember for each month.
At the back of the diary there are about 20 pages of notes space too which is brilliant.

After the notes page the month begins with a weekly view on a double spread which I love as you can see your whole week in one view.
I also like how the weekends are smaller because I tend to do less that needs writing down on the weekends.

I also love the little section finder, makes it so much easier to go to a certain month and write something in. There is also a whole 17 month view as well.

At the back of the diary there is this little pouch where you can keep little pieces of paper or keep things separate.

Also, each weekly view has a little bit of writing highlighted yellow that gives you a little bit of motivation of what to do in the week.
Every so often there are also cute little mood boosters and nice things written,

I am SO impressed with this diary, for the money I am so happy as there is so much in there and it will last me such a long time.
It's so colourful and bright. I have this in the classic size and it fits just perfectly in my little bag.
If you want to check out the whole of the ban.do planners/diary/agendas range click here 

Recipe | Easy Cheesy Chicken Noodles


Today I have a new recipe for you all to read.
Since Charlie has become a chef I've been totally inspired to do something a bit more exciting and actually 'cook' rather than just putting something in the oven or microwave.
Having all this spare time as I've finished exams and am waiting for pre-employment checks and a start date in the next couple months, so I have been making and trying out some nice lunches for myself.
This is NOTHING exciting and too difficult, but something I made and thoroughly enjoyed eating absolutely all of it. So follow along, swap things in if you prefer an alternative.

First step, cook the noodles. I used egg noodles from Waitrose, which are in a circle shape, all you have to do is place the noodles in a pan of boiling water and leave them to cook for about 4-5 minutes. Keep an eye on them and use a fork after about 2 minutes to help the noodles ease out of their cluster.
While the noodles were cooking I chopped up the other ingredients, I used some cooked chicken pieces, spring onion, cheddar and red Leicester cheese. 

Then, I tried the noodles and they were perfect, it's important to try and cook them to your taste.
I then drained the noodles, by placing the lid mostly over the pan then pouring down the sink just so the water escaped and no noodles.

To get a layered affect that I wanted I placed a little bit from each in the bottom of the bowl before placing noodles on top.

I then continued this until all the ingredients were used up.

Then I placed sweet chilli sauce on the top of my dish, because I love sweet chilli sauce and it added a bit of spice to the meal.