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How Much Does My Face Cost?

I've seen this blog post a few times on some of my favourite bloggers sites and I thought I've love to try it out myself, mainly just out of curiosity. It's the how much does my face cost post, so I've gathered all the bits I use everyday on my face. I'm not a massive switcher of my make up, I like what I like and don't tend to change it up that often. I haven't included any tools like brushes and curlers in this as I don't think they are necessary, they help with application.

So starting off with a base, I use the bourjois healthy mix foundation and the rimmel match perfection foundation mixed together for a good coverage, these added together cost £17.98
For eyebrows I use the sleek brow stylist which is £6.49 and a brown shade from No7 Eyeshadow palette costing £12.95.
For my lashes I use two mascaras, the miss sporty studio lash which is £2.99. I also use the bourjois volume clubbing mascara which is £7.99.
For eye liner I use a Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner which is £5.29. I use a sleek highlighter palette in shade Cleopatra's kiss for my eyeshadow, because it has the most incredible colours that are shimmery and gold, this costs £9.99.
For the rest of my face I use the sleek face form contour kit which costs £9.99 and also the blush palette in shade lace which also costs £9.99.
For my favourite part, highlighter, I use the revolution highlighter in shade golden lights for £3.00 and also the Mac soft and gentle highlighter which costs £24.50.
Then lastly, lips. I use the NYX liquid suede in shade sandstorm which costs £7 and I often mix it with a bourjois velvet rouge edition in shade peach club for £8.99.

This has been so interesting for me to do and see what I'm spending and where, so in total my face costs £127.11, haha what a ridiculous amount of money thank goodness I don't have to spend this every day and instead just once every few months.

My Week #108 - Cooking, Partying & Drinking

I've had a lovely week. Mostly full if working and spending much needed cosy days with Charlie.
At the beginning of the week I wasn't feeling very well at all, I had an awful cold, headache and felt dizzy. So Charlie was looking after me and we made a delicious meal together, Charlie cooked some steaks for us and made a peppercorn sauce, which was incredible! I put us some chunky chips in the oven and did a little salad, which Charlie made a honey and mustard sauce for, it was amazing and just what I needed to make me feel a little better. We have been watching the star wars films too this week which has been lovely and great fun. On Thursday night after a long night at work, me and my friend Jack got a taxi into town to meet up with my friends and Charlie who were all out clubbing, I had such a nice evening although it was such a late night. After recovering with a big breakfast on Friday I had a nice day chilling out and doing some jobs. On Saturday me and sister went into Bristol to do some much needed shopping, I had such a lovely day with her. Then in the evening Charlie took me out for dinner and it was SO much fun, we both really enjoyed it and had a nice few drinks together, a lovely way to spend a rare Saturday night off. Hope you have had a lovely week

15 Things That Make Me Happy

Today I wanted to write a little post about all the things that make me happy right now. I wrote a post last week about how things are changing as I get older, but I wanted to reflect on some little things that make me happy all the time.

  1. Seeing Charlie after we have had time apart due to working all the time and having such wonderful days out together and so much fun.
  2. Writing all my hours and things to remember down in my organiser, makes me feel like I have my life together.
  3. Waking up feeling refreshed after a nice lie in
  4. Watching the sunset down on the beach after a beautiful day spent in the sunshine
  5. Catching up with my little sister when I have been away for a couple days and filling each other in with all the gossip.
  6. Sitting down after a long shift at work and scrolling through my phone and eating prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce.
  7. Having a nice gin and tonic with ice and lemon
  8. Eating out in a nice restaurant with wonderful company
  9. Getting ready for night out and eating chicken nuggets with my three best girls
  10. Feeling successful because I work hard earning money for my future
  11. Spending quality time with my family
  12. Going out for breakfast with my friends from work and having a good old gossip
  13. Cuddling under a duvet
  14. Finishing a good book and recommending it to friends
  15. Driving in my car listening to my favourite songs and singing loudly with the windows down

Getting My Life Together #1 - New Diary

I have chosen to start a new series today on my blog called getting my life together, over the past few months I have made changed and done things to become so much more organised, so I thought I would talk you through all of these things I have done.
I write lists and I like to see everything I am doing written down infront of me in one place rather than on my phone. So when me Charlie and my sister went shopping the other day I brought myself a new diary that runs from August 2017 - December 2018.
This diary is by Ban.do and was £20 from John Lewis, but when using it everyday for the next year and a bit I know I will get my moneys worth.
So, I have filled it all out and taken pictures of my favourite pages and bits and bobs to show you all.

I love this page. 'Reasons To Party' I have chosen to write down birthday dates in the correct month. I'm pretty good at remembering birthdays but I know It would help to have It all in one place.

Each month begins by a beautiful two pages of art which I LOVE.

Then turning the page leads you to a whole monthly view in one place and a little notes bit at the side. I think this will be really useful when I begin my full time job.

Then after the monthly view there is a double page of notes space which I have so far used as a shopping list as well as things to remember for each month.
At the back of the diary there are about 20 pages of notes space too which is brilliant.

After the notes page the month begins with a weekly view on a double spread which I love as you can see your whole week in one view.
I also like how the weekends are smaller because I tend to do less that needs writing down on the weekends.

I also love the little section finder, makes it so much easier to go to a certain month and write something in. There is also a whole 17 month view as well.

At the back of the diary there is this little pouch where you can keep little pieces of paper or keep things separate.

Also, each weekly view has a little bit of writing highlighted yellow that gives you a little bit of motivation of what to do in the week.
Every so often there are also cute little mood boosters and nice things written,

I am SO impressed with this diary, for the money I am so happy as there is so much in there and it will last me such a long time.
It's so colourful and bright. I have this in the classic size and it fits just perfectly in my little bag.
If you want to check out the whole of the ban.do planners/diary/agendas range click here 

Recipe | Easy Cheesy Chicken Noodles


Today I have a new recipe for you all to read.
Since Charlie has become a chef I've been totally inspired to do something a bit more exciting and actually 'cook' rather than just putting something in the oven or microwave.
Having all this spare time as I've finished exams and am waiting for pre-employment checks and a start date in the next couple months, so I have been making and trying out some nice lunches for myself.
This is NOTHING exciting and too difficult, but something I made and thoroughly enjoyed eating absolutely all of it. So follow along, swap things in if you prefer an alternative.

First step, cook the noodles. I used egg noodles from Waitrose, which are in a circle shape, all you have to do is place the noodles in a pan of boiling water and leave them to cook for about 4-5 minutes. Keep an eye on them and use a fork after about 2 minutes to help the noodles ease out of their cluster.
While the noodles were cooking I chopped up the other ingredients, I used some cooked chicken pieces, spring onion, cheddar and red Leicester cheese. 

Then, I tried the noodles and they were perfect, it's important to try and cook them to your taste.
I then drained the noodles, by placing the lid mostly over the pan then pouring down the sink just so the water escaped and no noodles.

To get a layered affect that I wanted I placed a little bit from each in the bottom of the bowl before placing noodles on top.

I then continued this until all the ingredients were used up.

Then I placed sweet chilli sauce on the top of my dish, because I love sweet chilli sauce and it added a bit of spice to the meal. 

Favourite Parts of My Room

If you read my #shelf inspo post last week, you will know that over the past few months I have been doing up my bedroom, nothing major and nothing expensive either.
Instead I've been switching up a few individual pieces within my bedroom such as adding a grey rug, grey cushions and lots of grey accessories. My main 'theme' if you like is grey and white for my bedroom and I have tried to incorporate that into my room with light pink walls and wooden furniture as much as I can do.
I'm really pleased with how well I have done this, and at such an affordable price.
If you aren't in a rush switching little things every few weeks makes a HUGE difference in the long term, and helps the bank balance.
I am a huge photo lover, I have lots of frames as well as a photo wall around my desk and I have also added some flowers and succulents into my bedroom too for a bit of colour.
I hope you enjoy these photos and can use these for a bit of inspiration if you are doing your room up.

Life is Changing a Little Too Fast

I'm such a fan of a routine. Not so much strict hours for certain things, but every morning I wake up and eat breakfast, I shower, do my make up in the same order every day with mostly the same products, I get dressed and make a list of things to do, do the busy bits first and relax where I can, see my friends, work and spend time with Charlie and my family.
However, since leaving sixth form I have been able to do this every day and got myself into a bit of a routine, I love it. I've been working so much more at the pub and have been reading and generally organising & sorting my life out a little bit.
Yet, I know that things will shortly change all over again. One of my best friends will shortly be heading up to Liverpool, lots of other friends will be scattered all over the country busy studying at uni. Thankfully, my two other best ones are staying close to home still in sixth from and working near by. Things have already changed this summer with friends being on holiday at different times and working which means not seeing them daily in school like I used to.
I'll be starting my new apprenticeship for HMRC in a couple of months in Bristol and things will be totally different once again. I'm so excited but so nervous to be starting my new job in Bristol and travelling up on the train every day and working full time but having evenings and weekends all to myself. .
Charlie is now working full time, it's been so weird and so difficult not seeing him as much as I was used to, but I guess I have got used to that a little bit, and have managed to fill my days up and enjoy spending my time in other ways. However, when we both do get a day free to spend together we fill it to the max and spend such great quality time together, the other day we went to bath thermae spa and it was incredible! We've booked another week away too which I cant wait for.
I'm not used to change and I don't think I'm a very adaptable person, which means getting used to things changing takes me a little more time.
But I wanted to just ramble on today to just get my thoughts out and make a little more sense of it in my little head. 
I think the best thing I can do is just embrace what's happening, because this is my life right now and there is nothing I can do to alter that, so I have to get used to it and adapt and enjoy and appreciate all the little things and make the best of all my free time.

Chilling Out

A few weeks ago a lady from better help contacted me to ask me if she could feature my blog post in an article she was writing. This article was being placed on the better help website, something i'd never heard of.
Better help is a website which offers online counselling from therapists for any mental illnesses that you may be suffering from.
I have spoken about this a little bit on my blog, see this blog post here all about anxiety.
So today, I wanted to just talk about moving on from that and feeling more content about myself and my mind.
I am a worrier, I always have been.
I used to worry about the silliest little things, that if I told someone else they would not understand and that makes it incredibly hard to talk about and when I am having a problem it is very difficult for others to understand and help me relax.
 After taking time to myself and understanding more about my mind it led me to feel so much happier about what was going on and reasoning for why I panic about certain things.
I didn't spend a month alone on an island in the middle of nowhere meditating to learn about myself.
I just took pressure off myself and made a happy space that I love. 
I allowed myself to worry if I needed to and learnt to control not to panic.
In my bedroom I have some lovely little quotes next to my desk that I look at every day, which really help me get my head together.
I realised after chilling out and being SO patient what triggers my panic and worry.
For me, its all about travelling, from everything to driving in unfamiliar places with no clue where I am going (the other week I was shopping with Charlie and my sister and we couldn't go home on the motorway as it was gridlocked, so I had to drive another way, through the centre of Bristol, with no sat Nav or anything, It was all fine but I didn't half panic) to also worrying about getting places on time and allowing myself extra time incase of problems, I hate getting on public transport as the journey is totally out of my control and I hate that.
Once I discovered what triggered my panic, I am able to manage it myself - and it has to be myself because NO ONE else seems to understand my thought process at all.
So, if your in a similar situation to me, take some time out to understand and be SO patient.
Check out the better help website for some assistance, either reading the articles here or finding a therapist, which you can do here as for me that would have been incredibly useful.
If you are not, then read this article here or here for a bit of advice and chat.

Shelf Inspo

Over the past few months I have really been trying to get my bedroom to exactly how I would like it. I have tried to have a bit of a theme, I've tried to incorporate lots of brown wood, white, grey and rose gold/copper into my room. I've got a blog post either coming up, or already on the blog which is a little room update. But this post I wanted to focus on my shelves as these are something that I have given a huge re-organise and massive de clutter. So here a few images for you to scroll through which may give you a bit of inspiration if you are tidying up your shelves, I love looking at Pinterest for a bit of inspiration as well as blogs and Instagram.

I had a massive de-clutter of my books which used to stretch over the two shelves. I got rid of all the taller books that I didn't read as I wanted all the books to be the same height, the ones I wanted to keep are the ones I have on the shelf below lying down and stacked up. I also sorted the books I wanted to keep because they are FAVS or I just haven't read them yet, I then colour co-ordinated them from black to blue and put a huge light up star at the end to keep them all up right.

The Best Mascara Guide

Today I am back with a new blog post about finding the best mascara, using an incredibly simple guide made up of ratings on websites such as Sephora and Birchbox as well as other review sites and articles on blogs by beauty editors. The mascaras that stood out the most were tested every day while normal activites were done and then got judged at how well it did in three areas which were ; lash lengnght, lash separation/definition as well as thickening lashes without clumping - which for me are three things I massively look for when deciding what mascara I would like to buy.

I'm a massive mascara fan, but I have honestly never found one that I have totally fallen in love with and I have tried so many, the images here are of my whittled down mascara collection.
So when I was contacted by the girls that created this mascara guide I was so keen to have a look, as it wasn't a website I was aware of, and I have had such a good read and found it so interesting.

They have a top mascara, which is the benefit they're real mascara, which I have tried and loved, but never repurchased due to the hefty price tag. They also have a best drugstore mascara, which is the Maybelline great lash mascara, which I own and LOVE for bottom lashes. They also have a best for sensitive eyes, thickening, volumizing and best false-like lashes as well as a best runners up category.

They also have a whole section focused on what you need to know about mascara and what makes a good mascara, which is definitely worth a read as I found out that after 6 months you should get a new tube of mascara as there wouldn't be much left and to be healthy and all that.

SO, head on over to the website which you can find here to read all about the best mascaras.

A Long Weekend At Camp Bestival

At the end of July I went to Camp Bestival, an annual festival that I go to. I love it! I'm not a huge festival person, I'm a huge fan of a comfy bed and a proper toilet. However, for five days a year I'm more than happy to endure it and have a wonderful time. This year however, there was a lot of rain this year which meant waterproofs and wellies every day without fail. I watched some amazing performances, Met Kate Nash and watched Mark Ronson do the best DJ set I've ever listened to in my life, I danced til 2 am in a silent disco and listened to some wonderful talks in the guardian tent.
I also ate too many cheesy chips, too much paella and not enough white choc chip brownies and ice cream. The food is the main part for me, stupid I know, but I think It is so incredible trying new foods and trying everything from all cuisines.
On Saturday we dressed up as the spice girls because the theme for the dress up day and festival was rock vs pop. I had such a wonderful time and I think it may be my last, due to working full time from October, I won't have the luxury of lots of time off to do these wonderful things. But I had such a wonderful time with my friends, so many laughs and so many drinks.