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My Week #104 -Trying Something New

This week has been a super busy one, filled with work and revision. Yet I've still had such a wonderful time and feel like I have learnt a lot this past week about balancing tasks.
I was working 4 evenings this week, which with revision and exams looming wasn't amazing as I was really short on time and felt guilty about the lack of revision and effort I was putting in and the fact that I was preparing to fail and not caring a lot either.
However, I told myself I cant be stuck in this rut this week, I made a huge lists of tasks to complete so that I could see written out clearly exactly what I needed to do to keep myself on track.
This really helped me as when I had spare time (in frees at school or my hour I get before work after school) I knew exactly what to do and didn't waste time faffing about.
However, despite all the revision I've been busy doing I have stopped and taken time out for myself to do the things I love. I have spent a lot of time by the seafront this week and last week with Charlie, trying something new together, I brought myself a penny board and Charlie has been teaching me, its been such a fun way to escape (procrastinate) against revision.
Although revision is important and deadlines have to met and work has to be completed, if your not in the right mindset to complete the work, then it's useless. On Friday night I was out on the seafront, then watching films and relaxing, then Saturday I spent chilling out taking time to spend with Charlie and eating a delicious food, then went out with my friends after work in the evening. Then today I have been revising and completing past papers non stop because I need to catch up, but I felt totally ready in the right mind set to complete it and have been super productive.
I hope you like this more chatty sort of lifestyle my week post and I hope your having a productive day too.
Lots of Love,

What's Been Going On?

I feel a little explanation is necessary. I haven't used my blog now for over 2 months, which is mad.  Honestly, I was debating giving it all up. I don't have the time I used to have to photograph, edit, construct, plan and write a blog post like I used to love doing. So I guess I just stopped. I've been putting off writing this for a while, but I feel now is a good time to get back into it and start writing again and using my little space on the internet well.
I don't enjoy writing the posts I used to write, my outfits, reviews and monthly favourites anymore.
My favourite posts to write are the more personal posts, the lifestyle ones. The posts based on my life, what I get up to and all the places I visit. I want to start taking my big camera out with me more and photographing more and sharing it on my blog, with you guys again.
I want this blog to be a little place where I can look back on all the fun adventures I have had, a space for all my happy memories, so when I get all stressed with exams and my future I can come and remind myself about all the happy times I've had. Little reminders of why I work so hard in school and in my job, to earn money for myself. I want to talk about things that matter to me.
So, this is my little re-vamp, my fresh start post to sort of say, welcome to my new style blog, I hope you enjoy finding more out about me, what I get up to, places I visit and (hopefully) interesting things I have to say. My plan is to write more posts I enjoy, which in theory I will want to write more of because I enjoy them. Sounds like a perfect plan. I will leave all my previous blog posts up, incase you want to have a read again. Even if this more lifestyle theme doesn't appeal to you, I hope you stick around and enjoy the posts, but if not, thanks for all the love xx

What I Wore Today #64

I haven't written a what I wore today post in forever, since December last year, oops! So today I thought I would write another one for you all.
This pinafore is an old purchase from new look that I love, I have teamed it with a little nude roll neck lightweight jumper also from new look. Then my classic heeled ankle boots that are a staple in my wardrobe, then accessorised with my cartier bracelet and my beautiful lola rose watch from Charlie. My gold hoop earrings are from asos! I am not going to list any of the prices as all of these items are either not available or I don't know the price, so hope that's okay!

My Week #103 - Valentines Day Celebrations, Sunsets & Food Road Trips

This week I haven't been at sixth form as its half term and my gosh its been amazing.
On Monday I was at home doing revision, coursework and homework. On Tuesday I went to visit my nan and then when I got home Charlie was at my house and surprised me with the most beautiful flowers. I made us a lunch full of wedges, mozzarella sticks, chicken strips and wedges- delicious.
We spent the day chilling out, chatting and then Charlie took me out for a delicious meal in the evening. The food we ate was incredible, so many flavours and we both had such a lovely evening. He stayed round then on Wednesday we went to his to watch fast and furious together. On Thursday we washed our cars and then charlotte joined us for a bike ride down to the seafront to watch such a beautiful sunset. It was so nice to just be able to get on our bikes and be at the seafront in 10 minutes feeling the fresh air and getting a bit of exercise, we came home and cooked a paella together for my family and then shared THE biggest bottle of prosecco I've ever seen, then on Friday we got up and went to Bristol for the day as we wanted to visit a fresh food take away restaurant called rebel roll that we've been meaning to do for ages, I drove us to the park and ride, got the bus then walked with the use of google maps directing us, so worth it, I had a little burger and it was incredible, it contained all these delicious flavours, sauces and vegetables. We then went back to charlies for the night and shared a bottle of gin together while watching bad neighbours 2 with his family, then we woke up and did some coursework together and then I went home, ate a stir fry and went to work. Today I've been at work all day and am just about to go back again as i'm on a split shift today which is brilliant fun, hah, all worth it when I get my pay check though- hope you've had a wonderful week.

My Week #102 - Paella Making, Partying & Watching Rugby

This week has been super fun as usual. I worked most nights this week in the evening and did revision and homework in my spare evenings. On Thursday night I went out to town with my bestest friends, we had a wonderful time together drinking and dancing. Then Charlie came to collect me at about 1.30 as I didn't fancy getting a taxi back on my own, he stayed at mine then we went to his house on Friday as we had a day off. We watched films, chilled and chatted all day, cleaned his car and then went to waitrose to pick up some delicious ingredients for a paella that we were planning to make in the evening. Charlie had wanted to make me a paella for a while, so together we made one, Charlie did a lot more than me I just did some chopping and mixing, he seared some fish, bream, ontop of the paella and honestly I was soo impressed, it was delicious and I want to eat it all over again and again. I stayed round on Friday night and then on Saturday we had a nice lie in then I went to watch Charlie play rugby in the freezing cold. I worked Saturday night and then on sunday I was on a split, so worked two shifts, I am so happy to be home now doing some work and tidying my room and preparing for a lovely day tomorrow.

My Week #101 - Suprise Party, Smoothies & Beach Walks

What a wonderful week. On Monday night I went round to charlies, we had jerk chicken, watched a film and had a cosy night in together, one of my favourites. On Tuesday night I came home and did lots of homework and coursework. On Wednesday I went to work, then on Thursday Charlie came round to do work with me and we had a Chinese together with my family. On Friday I went to work in the evening then went to a friends party to see my friends and then stayed at charlies house. On Saturday we had a lazy morning and then we went for a walk together and went to a little coffee shop where we shared a shredded pork burger, drank smoothies and ate a chocolate crunch. Then me and my friends went to my friend Gretas house to get her house ready for her little surprise party for her 18th, I had such a lovely time with my closest friends eating pizza, chicken nuggets and caterpillar cake. I've had such a lovely week and cannot wait for half term.

One Month On.. Saving Money

In my posts at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 I spoke about how I wanted to save money and today i'm writing a little update, although its based on a certain point, I feel its relevant to any resolution that you may have made.
Setting a goal and sticking to it is tough, really tough.
This month I have been religiously using the app on trees made my money supermarket to help me control my spending and encourage saving.
It has been a success and I cant see myself not using this app in the near future.
At the beginning of each month you budget yourself in different categories eg. petrol, clothing, health and beauty, pubs, resturants etc. When you spend on your card the transaction is displayed instantly on the app, showing you how much you spent in what place and what category it is in.
This has been an incredibly useful tool for me to use, I've been able to see so easily where I am spending money and what stores/categories take up the biggest % of my spending.
Although It is horrible to see exactly what your spending it has helped me so much. In December I spent over £416, In January only £124 on sensible things I actually required, I spent nearly £70 eating out in December which is ridiculous, but £20 here and £10 here and £3.99 here doesn't seem like a lot, but it all adds up incredibly quickly. In January I spent only £3.99 eating out and that was only one kfc that me and Charlie had one day. I have spent £0 on clothes and shoes this month, which for me is crazy. I can't believe I've managed to refrain myself, I think seeing it all out in front of me is scary, but totally what I needed.
I overspent my budget In January by £24.15, purely because I had to get some petrol yesterday and I treated myself to a perfume for £35 which would have been £95, think its justifiable. But that wont happen every month at all. What i'm trying to say is treating yourself is okay and like dieting, just cutting out all the nice things you eat is tricky, but reducing the amount you eat is more do-able.
I'm so impressed with how ive done this month and i'm going to try and do even better in February.

My Week #100

I cant believe this I've written over 100 my week posts today, its crazy. I didn't do much exciting this week. Last Saturday I went out with my friend ania to mcdonalds in the evening, we had a wonderful time and a much needed catch up. On sunday I worked a split shift, in the day and in the night, that's why there was no blog post as I was shattered. On Monday night Charlie came over, I cooked tea for us all. I made sweet chilli chicken with rice and veg, it was delicious! On Tuesday night I was working on the bar then on Wednesday I was working in the restaurant. On Thursday I came home from school planning to do lots of work, ended up going to asda with my mum and having a nap, so not a good productive evening. On Friday I had frees all day so me and Charlie went for kfc, it was delicious. Then he came round mine quickly before I went to work and we chilled out. Then I went to work on the bar and Charlie came round when I got home at about 12.30 am to stay round which was a wonderful surprise. On Saturday morning I woke up early, got some work done all while Charlie was being lazy asleep. In the afternoon I went to watch Charlie play rugby, I had a lovely time despite the cold it was a beautiful sunny day. I worked Saturday evening and all of today, it was super busy today and I couldn't be happier to be at home despite having loads of work to catch up on, wooo! Hope you have all had a wonderful week.

Rimmel Vs Revolution Contour, Highlight & Blush Sets

The other day I was having a huge make up clear out and I noticed that I have two products that were practically identical. The rimmel London sculpting palette by Kate Moss and the Revolution Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze and Brighten Palette. Both contain such similar colours in very similar designs, so I thought I would test them out and see which one I prefer. The rimmel palette is available in just two shades #002 and #003 while the revolution set comes in four different shades.

The rimmel swatches are the ones at the top end of the photo. The contour shades are similar, but the revolution one is a lot darker and has more of a mud sort of shade to it. I like it but its incredibly pigmented and therefore requires blending once on the skin, it comes across looking quite dirty on the skin. However, the rimmel contour powder is a lot lighter and therefore much more buildable due to the light texture. The colour is also so much more natural, more bronze rather than contour but looks really beautiful on the skin.

I adore the revolution highlighter, its such a pigmented colour that I feel really adore, you don't need a lot on the brush as its incredibly bright. The rimmel one is a lot more natural but once on the skin gives a really stunning glow that looks really summery. However, it requires so much more effort to actually put onto the skin and when I'm in a rush I don't like spending all the time, but putting it over another highlighter like my mac soft and gentle gives a beautiful shimmery finish.

I'm not a massive blusher wearer, but both these palettes have gorgeous blusher colour pay off that I'm in love with. The rimmel blusher is a lot more matte while the revolution blusher has much more of a shimmer to it, which I love as I just love more of a dewy glow.

Motivational Monday #13

If you are an old reader, you might remember this series of blog posts that I used to write. Motivational Monday is back. In case your unfamiliar with the concept, this is a weekly post (providing I don't forget) where I share a quote and just have a chat about it really. I wanted to bring this back, its a bit more personal and I hope you guys enjoy it, I've missed this post. However, I'm not promising to do it every Monday, just when I feel like a little change or need some interesting content or find a quote that I LOVE.
Beau Taplin is an all time fav of mine, his writing is beautiful in every way. When scrolling through his recent releases, I fell in love with this one.
Sometimes we can easily get hung up on others views of us, constantly feeling under pressure from social media, magazines and other people. Some people can make you feel so small and totally be little you and its so so so important not to let these people make you feel any less about yourself. Not let it matter what other people say about you or how others feel about you. Having self worth and appreciating yourself is a wonderful thing, knowing your value is important, feeling in confident and knowing what you deserve is nothing negative or anything to be ashamed of. Be confident in yourself and know your own value and worth without letting irrelevant people dictate your value and make you feel crap.

My Week #99

I've been super busy this week with work and coursework. On Wednesday night I went to work in the evening, it was such a lovely evening and I genuinely had so much fun. Then on Friday night Charlie came over, I made a three course meal for the both of us. To start I made baked brie, then I made lemon chicken with asparagus and celeriac mash, which I thought was delicious and I was really impressed with. Then I made lemon possets for dessert, it was something I had never tried a few weeks before, but I knew Charlie loved it so I wanted to make something special. He stayed over then on Saturday I went to visit my Nan and then we cleaned the cars in the afternoon. I went to work on Saturday night then back in again on sunday for the day.
I'm working loads this week, but am still hoping to get another blog post up in the week.

Goals & Asprirations for 2017

I know this is probably a teeny-bit too late, but I needed a week to get my hear around the fact that its 2017? I cant believe it. I seems like only yesterday I began my blog, now here I am 4 years later, doing lots of collabs with different companies, receiving everything from cereal to ankle heeled boots to make up brushes. I wrote about how this year has been incredible, I've got some brilliant friends around me, the most incredible boyfriend and bestfriend that I could have asked for, I'm healthy, I'm happy and I can drive and legally buy alcohol, seems like a perfect combination to being 2017 with. Bascially, everything is flipping good.
But a brand new year, comes with brand new goals, adventures and memories.
So, I wanted to document some of my goals for 2017, they are classic 'new years resolutions' that everyone says they will stick to, then by the beginning of February everyones spending more money, eating less healthily and doing less exercise.

This year I want to write more personal blog posts, chat about whats going on in my life, places I've been and share more about myself because last year I felt I was putting up content about products and things that I didn't enjoy writing, but felt was necessary. So this year I want to make this blog my own. I also want to enjoy more time to myself, don't exactly know what i'll do, whether i'll have a pamper evening, just chill out, watch a film or just read a book, I just want to take some time out each week to stop and do things for me. I want to save more money, I put this into place last year, but this year i'm sticking to it, I have moved all my money across to one bank account and have downloaded an app to control my money and I have set budgets in each category for each month eg. gifts, personal care eg. make up, shampoo, petrol, eating out and clothes. That way, I can easily see where I am spending too much and the areas that I'm saving in. I put this into practice at the end of 2016 and I cant wait to hopefully see a difference in spending and my bank balance increase. I want to continue being as happy as I am with Charlie, he made 2016 incredible and hands down the best year of my life. So I want to continue being so happy and being so content with the most important person in my life. I also want to actually exercise a bit more, in 2015/ 2016 I did a lot of exercise, but towards the end of the year I realised that I could keep the figure I had and eat what I wanted and not have to do a lot about it. But I want to get out of that frame of mind and actually put a bit of effort in. I want to do work on time, I leave all my homework to the last minute and this year I really want to stay on top of my work more, get it done more quickly and be more organised. This should in theory leave more time to myself, time do get other jobs done and then I can feel less stressed too.

My Week #98

This week has been lovely. On Monday I went to charlies house, we went out for the day in Wells, we had a lovely day looking around and exploring a new city, the smallest city in the UK. We then went back to his house, played on the wii with his family, watched a film, chilled out then went to sleep. In the morning on Tuesday we woke up and cleaned our cars together, we then went out and did a few jobs together before I came home, visited my grandma and headed to work in the evening. On Wednesday I went back to sixth form, ive had mocks this week so it was a difficult week to come back on, but still, nice to see everyone and get back into a bit of a routine. On Friday night I went to work and then went to pick Charlie up from the pub with his friends, I then stayed at his house and we had the best day on Saturday. Charlie wasn't too well, so we chilled out, had a lovely lie in and watched a film on Netflix and the Amanda knox documentary that I have been desperate to watch for a long time. Then I went to work on the bar last night, didn't get home til nearly 2am, so I was shattered, then went back to work today, cant wait for a chilled evening at home by the fire.
Have a lovely week.

The Edit | Top Make Up Picks from 2016

Ive got some more top picks today, my favourite make up items from 2016. I've collected products ive used throughout the year religiously or new products that ive found and been totally and utterly obsessed with.

First up this No7 Lash Impact Mascara, this is incredible and a mascara that I use daily, I use this after whatever other mascara ive used, it helps to add volume, length and also helps to avoid my lashes clumping together too. Second, this eyeshadow palette from revolution, this has so many beautiful neutral colours that I love and blend so nicely together.

This year I have totally fallen in love with highlighters. My personal top favourite is mac's soft and gentle mineralize skin finish, its expensive, but lasts a long time and I honestly hate my make up without this product. Another favourite is the revolution highlighting palette, its only £6 but absolutely incredible, the end shade is wonderful, such a beautiful glow. I use a fluffy brush to mix all the shades together for a beautiful healthy, radiant glow.
The sleek precious metals palette is also incredible, full of three liquid highlighters in a cream form and then one powdered highlighter, these are stunning and also work beautifully as eyeshadows.

I never used to wear lipstick, now thanks to the nyx liquid suede I don't leave the house without lipstick on, so this beautiful mauve has been wonderful this year. Also, I have been mixing bourjois healthy mix foundation with my Revlon colour stay foundation to make the perfect shade for my skin.

This has been a wonderful year for make up, I feel I have improved in so many ways, learning new skills and finding my favourite products that I know will be staples in my routine.

Hello 2017

New starts totally excite me, I love the idea of a fresh start, clean slate and a new beginning, even if it is just 'another day'. After a wonderful 2016 I'm excited for this year but I'm also incredibly nervous, as I always am. I don't want much to change this year, I want to keep visiting new places, eating new foods, buying new clothes, laughing and being happy. But I want to chill out again more this year, be more calm about things and give more time to myself.
I put a lot of pressure on other people when I'm down and take it out on other people too much and that needs to change this year. Charlie has been a star this year to me and I need to do the same for him this year, we're a good team. I need to stop bloody shopping, I want to save more money this year and stop buying stupid things I don't need. I've already downloaded an app to help me save more and keep an eye on my spending and I have budgeted for each month.
Despite saying this, I want to treat myself still, me and Charlie have been on wonderful road trips and I want to continue that and stay in nice places and eat good food.
I want to do well in my A-Levels this year as this is the last qualification i'll get as I don't plan on going to university. That's another scary part, what happens next, I'm terrified, but trying to keep optimistic and follow my heart. I cant possibly get more organised, but I want to be, I want to revise early and do homework on time. I have been stuck in a bit of a fitness rut, I have managed to maintain the body I had when I was working out 4-6 times a week by just doing a little bit of exercise here and there, but I want improvements this year, bigger changes to make me feel that little bit better about myself. I need to sleep more and work less. Stand up for myself and stop letting petty irrelevant girls affect how I feel. I need to get off my phone more and spend more time looking around me and exploring more while taking time out for myself
Most importantly I just want to be happy and continue being happy whatever that takes.

Goodbye 2016

2016 has been the best year of my life, its been incredible. I've made the best memories, the best friends, met the most incredible boyfriend and been so happy.
I passed my driving test first time with two minors, improved so much in my job, I'm working so much for good money and have made some incredible friends at the pub. My confidence has grown though the roof, not being up myself, but I'm confident to meet new people, not so nervous or anxious anymore, although I definitely get my moments. Ive said yes to more things, pushed myself and taken on challenges I didn't think id be able to do. Ive filled my wardrobe to the absolute brim and everyday I love choosing out new outfits, new combinations and new colours.
I met Charlie in February and ever since ive been the happiest ive ever been, we have made some brilliant memories, ive visited some incredible places, eaten in some delicious restaurants, laughed until I cried and made a best friend for life. My girls have been incredible this year, as usual, weve made some great memories and had fun at parties, although we don't see eachother all the time weve all got eachothers back and I couldn't wish for better friends.
2016 has been a wonderful year for me, I feel truly blessed to have had such a wonderful year, I hope this continues into next year.

The Edit | Top Beauty Picks from 2016

We are so close to the end of 2016, so I have gathered together my favourite beauty products of 2016, ones that I have repurchased constantly throughout this year, new discoveries that I have loved and some old favourites that have carried me through 2016 too.

First up, haircare. I switched my shampoo and conditioner up constantly this year, each time choosing different products on offer, but this pantene pro V repair and protect set have been by far my favourite. They make my hair feel so incredibly soft and looks incredibly curly and smooth, I love it. After ive washed my hair I have been using the percy and reed wonderbalm, not cheap, but worth every penny. This adds so much texture, softness and mositure to my hair and is a miracle leave In balm, all I need for healthy looking hair. Then for everyday styling I use my trusty john frieda frizz ease secret agent crème to keep my hair in place, make it easier to style and hold the curl beautifully.

I have lots of skincare favourites from 2016. I used to be a firm cleanser and toner kinda gal, but this year micellar waters have transformed the way I remove my make up, they make it so much easier and leave my skin feeling super clean and soft. I love this garnier one, although I avoid buying it full price at over £5, so if I cant find it on sale, the nivea one is a dream too.
Talking of nivea, their light day moisturiser again has stuck with me all year, leaves my skin feeling so soft and ready for make up. The no7 Beautiful Skin eye make up remover is incredible and I use it every single day, I dip a little cotton bud in it and use it to remove excess mascara on my lid or any eye liner mistakes, its an oil so feels incredible on your skin too. In the evenings ive been using the No7 overnight eye balm, feels amazing and leaves my under eye area feeling so smooth and revitalised. Lastly, my staple oral B 3D white toothpaste which removes stains and transforms your smile, leaving your teeth super white and super clean.

these are all my beauty favs for this year, keep your eyes peeled for my make up favs coming up soon.

My Week #97 - Christmas Lights, Revue & Lots of KFC

Ive had a lovely week, ive worked so much this week, lots of homework too. Nearly every evening this week ive worked, on Thursday Charlie came to mine, we did lots of jobs, got a KFC, I did a few lifts, did some food shopping too. Then on Friday, after our revue at school, which was incredible, I went straight to charlies, he took me out for lunch then we went back to his before driving to see some Christmas lights together, we went back to his and had KFC with his family for the second night in a row, amazing.  Then on Saturday I took Charlie out to uphill for lunch and a walk around the boatyard. I worked on the bar up the pub in the evening and it was packed, I had the most incredible night ever, but didn't get home unti 1.45am, I was shattered! Then I went off to work again this morning for the day and now I'm going to chill out and watch the apprentice final after a delicious roast.

My Week #96 - Shopping, Staff Partying & Eating Out

On sunday evening I was out at my staff Christmas work party in Bristol, I had the bestest time ever drinking Malibu and coke and eating some real tasty food, so sorry for the lack of a my week post last weekend. This week I didn't work at all in the evenings of the week, apart from Friday, which was soo lavly! On Monday I went out to Tokyo wok with my friend Joe, we had a much needed catch up and a really lovely time eating Chinese. On Tuesday night Charlie came round, we chilled out and had a nice evening together. On Wednesday I popped into charlies before he went to work, then he rung me when he got to work as he had looked at the rota and wasn't working, haha, so he came round mine and we watched a Christmas film together. On Thursday night I did some Christmas shopping, some homework and tidied my room. Then I worked Friday night and went to cribbs shopping with Charlie on Saturday to finish my Christmas shopping and begin his, he then went to work, came back after, stayed round and today we cleaned our cars, did work together and went for a lovely walk on the seafront. I have had the best weekend ever off work, chilling out, doing everything I love.

Christmas Wishlist | Matalan Top Picks

Today I have selected a few things that I would put on my Christmas wishlist from Matalan and will probably be purchasing in the next few weeks or keeping my eyes out for in the sales.

I think leopard print is going to be massive this season. This leopard aline skirt is one of my favourites that ive seen so far!

I think this embroided shirt dress would look amazing over a pair of jeans with some little black ankle boots, this one has a split down the side so would have to be worn with something a little more than tights, but I love it!

Another leopard print item is this bardot top, I can imagine this with some leather look trousers and some little heeled boots or heels at a Christmas party, the pattern really makes the outfit stand out and still look really stylish.

For something a little cosier ive picked this black funnel jumper that I adore!! I think this would look amazing over jeans with boots. The little side split makes it more edgy and a more flattering shape.

Another super Christmassy item ive picked out is this gorgeous black bomber with sequins all over it. This is slightly more subtle than the green and blue ones everyone seems to have and is a little different, I cant wait to get my hands on this!

I think these Ghillie heels would be incredible for a night out or a Christmas party, I love the string detail and although the heel is quite high, I still think they would be comfy and look amazing!

So if you've still got some Christmas shopping to do and are on a tight budget head over to the Matalan website and pick up some beauties and save lots of money!

Enchanted Christmas at Westonbirt Arboretum

Last Friday night I took myself and Charlie back up to the Quantocks to go to the Enchanted Christmas Evening at Westonbirt.
This is where all the trees are lit up, its a truly magical evening that has left me feeling so Christmassy and excited for the next few weeks.

We wrapped up super super warm because I had booked us into the trail where you walk in between the trees. This walk lasts around 45 mins, so we walked around cosy sharing a portion of chessy chips and drinking Fanta. I had such a magical evening, it was so beautiful there and although it was cold I loved every second of it.

After visiting the arboretum I drove us to a restaurant just down the road where I had booked us a table. We went to the kings arms in didmarton, this is quite a post restaurant but I wanted to book somewhere nice and try some new foods. Charlie is proper into his food and loves trying new things, he has an excellent palette and describes what works well together so perfectly. So I wanted to take him somewhere we he could try new things and enjoy the food.

To start we had a pate, something I would never usually have, it was delicious. It was so tasty and has venison in, which Charlie was insistent that I tried, I loved it! It also came with a jelly, toasted bread and the most delicious salad dressing on some leaves.

Charlie ate partridge for his main with cabbage and a bread sauce, it was so yummy, I had to try a little bit and it really was cooked beautifully.

I stuck to something a little more basic.  I had fish and chips, but the cod was incredible, melted in my mouth and was in a cube rather than a normal fish. The chips were triple cooked and tasted incredible! It also came with homemade tartar sauce, my favourite and minted mushy peas that Charlie was insistent I tried and I have to say I loved every mouthful.