My wish list

For spring 2013 I would love a pastel coloured jumper as I am sure they will be open fashion. I would also like a cream lace top as I am also sure they will be in. I reckon that colourful prints and patterns will be in too. We finished 2012 on a high for fashion. Dark military greens and dark denim are still gracing the catwalk. So on my wish list I will ask for anything printed,patterned or pastel.
Now my wish list won't be cheap and I unfortunately don't have any of my own pocket money left so what I will buy will certainly not be from Topshop ,New look or anywhere like that.
Instead the items will be from somewhere else like a charity shop or somewhere similar. I know some charity shops can be branded as 'tacky','cheap' or even 'dirty'. I understand they are not everyone's cup of tea but they are certainly mine. The other day I went into one and discovered a beautiful vintage scarf. I proceeded to the till to find it was an astonishing £1. I left and looked at the label and saw the scarf was originally from liberty. I did some research and found that it would have cost £45 if I had brought it from liberty. I was absolutely shocked and amazed so its always worth a look:))