Cleaning Make Up Brushes

This afternoon I decided that my make up brushes were in great need of a deep clean. So I thought I would take a photo of each different stage to share with all my lovely followers:')
So here goes

Squirt a small amount of hair shampoo into a small tub or cup.

Before The Deep Clean
Rub the brush into the shampoo and then wash out the shampoo under warm running water using your fingers to make sure its out of each part of the brush.
Then simply lay it out on a towel and leave to air-dry this should take about 10-15 minutes

Cover the brush in shampoo

All Clean  ;')
* Top Tips *
  •  While the brushes are drying its a good idea to move the brush round on the palm of your hand other wise the brushes will just dry like they have been left on the towel
  • Change the water for every brush- Personally I use my make up brushes for foundation, powered foundation and eyeshadow and all the dirt and bacteria fall off of the brush and into the water so if you don't change the water for every brush then your just adding the bacteria back onto the brushed.
  • Clean your brushes every two weeks to remove all the excess make up.
Happy Cleaning:)
Lots of love