Good Morning World- Twinings Tea

Twinings Tea
When I woke up this morning I came downstairs and made myself a cup of tea.
But not just any tea. Cranberry & Raspberry Twinings Tea. I personally don't like normal tea mainly because I think it has no flavour and purely tastes like hot water . But this flavoured tea is delicious. The blend of cranberries and raspberries and a small amount of elderflower is divine. I love summer and this reminds me of it so much. But I will still be able to drink it in the heat of the sun. As I don't want to be drinking a hot drink in the summer so I can just add ice cubes to it;')
I actually really like the box as its all girly and cute;)

Anyway, as its the weekend now I will hopefully blog this afternoon too;)

Lots of Love

Cranberry & Raspberry Tea

A taste of summer :')