Happy Valentines Day :)

Hello:) Happy Valentines Day!
Today was actually a sunny day and since I had no other plans for today I went shopping with my mum,nan and sister:)

I brought an absolutely adorable little tea cup and cake cushion! It was only £4.99 and suits my room so well! While shopping I discovered some little drawer dividers and I have found a great place for them and a fabulous way to store all my make up and nail varnishes. I will upload a post later for you to see a great way to organise your belongings.I also brought a gorgeous little David Jones satchel bag. I have always wanted one and I have spent many hours searching through shops to try and find one. And finally I have:) and it only cost £15. So I had a very successful valentines day shopping;)
Cute Cushion For My Room
My David Jones Satchel