Thank You !!

Hello:) Its seems like I haven't blogged for ages now! Even though it was only last week!
I have been so busy catching up with homework etc.
But tonight  I changed the theme of my blog as I fancied a change.
So the point of this post is basically to say thank you ;)
Thank you for following my blog as you have really made me feel more confident and thank you for giving me support and so many lovely compliments and emails about how you all like my blog. It has inspired me to keep blogging and not give up like I have with many of my other blogs. I signed up to join 'independent fashion bloggers' and I was so surprised to find that my membership had been approved. This means now I will be able to talk to many other fashion bloggers too:) Also being a next blogger is such an achievement for me. I never thought I could do it and I just want to thank you all for everything:)

Lots of Love,