What Is My Blog?

Today has been an awfully rainy day perfect for sitting inside updating my blog.
Many times I have signed in to blogger with the aim to add a new blog post and failed miserably!
I never used to get writers block when I was writing in my journal but now I have an audience. People who I have to write for and hopefully impress them. So today I made myself and editiorial calendar. I printed off some blank monthly calendars and filled each day with a blog topic so I alaways have something to blog about. Clever eh?
Today I received some emails from people who I don't not know asking my simply what my blog was about and some tips on how they could begin their own. So incase you are curious my blog is a fashion and lifestyle blog. This basically means I will post anything fashion related to recipes and reviews on beauty products to '50 things you need to know about me:)'
So in answer to the question 'What is my blog' I have one extremely simple answer. Fashion & Lifestyle blog.

Lots of love