Beauty Trial Post

Today I will be blogging about trying out a few new products;)
The products that I have brought I will be trying out and then posting about them afterwards about whether they are good or bad and what I liked about them. So today I will just be introducing them to you:)
The 4 Products I will Be Trying Out

Soap & Glory Spray On Body  Moisturiser
I had this product given to me at Christmas time with lots of other little Soap & Glory Goodies:)
But I never really got round to using it as instead I was using the lazy spa spray on moisturiser.
It's designed to spray on after a shower to leave you with softer, smoother skin:)

Nivea Rescue & Care Hand Cream

I only brought this product today:) I did have another Nivea hand cream and I finished it and decided to try this one instead of the other one. Its supposed to instantly sooth very dry and chapped hands. I will just say, I don't have dry and chapped hands, but they are quite sensitive and I do only get along with a selected amount of different hand creams.

Nivea Anti-Perspirant

I brought this product today and decided it would be good to put it on trial to feedback to you after I have used it. I was intrigued by this product as it isn't the usual Deodorant. Without making it sound weird, I sort of seems more like soap;) But don't judge a book by its cover- I'm sure it will be fine;')

Tesco Hydrating Night Cream

I brought this item today as well;) It is a Tesco Every Day Value. So I'm not 100% sure what it will be like. It was only £1.00 and I have read some good reviews about it in a magazine so I thought I would trial it out. I usually put some aveeno moisturiser on before bed or some Nivea but I found the Nivea does tend to be a bit greasy so I thought this would be a good idea to try;)

So there we go. These are the four products that I will be reviewing;)
I will try the products out for about a week and a half to give them a fair trial and then tell you all what I thought of them. In the feedback I will be 100% honest and will not lie to try and get you to buy the product. Instead I will give,hopefully,valuable feedback and then you can make your own choices about whether you would like to purchase them or not:)
Bye Bye:)