Review |Cute Or What Product

Hello there:)
The other day i was having a look at all of my sisters cute little things in her room and i came across these gorgeous little lip balms. I then proceeded to go and buy some of my own:)
They are all from boots and they are the cutest little things ever (hence the name).

The Gorgeous Little Lip balms
Now i personally am not a huge fan of lipsticks but i do have a fair few;) On the back of these little pots it says 'Lip balms' but i am not too sure if they are....
I would say they are more like lipsticks but whatever they are they are still so gorgeous.

'Splendid Smile'

'Cute or What'

'Splendid Smile' is a bright piny/red and its beautiful.
'Cute or What' is a red/beige colour and although it doesn't sounds fab it does match your lip colour and gives your lips that much needed sparkle of cuteness!:)
'Perfect Pout' Is my favourite! Its a lovely red just a bit darker than my natural lip colour and it looks so cute too!

So,all of these little lip balms come in little tubs of 7g and there perfect for just putting them into your bag. As i said before there from boots and a fairly cheap:)

Lots of love, Lydia xx