DIY- Vintage Glass Bottles

Today I was in another creative mood when I got home. I saw a picture of some gorgeous little bottles with flowers in them. So, I had a look around the house, with mums help;) We found everything I needed to create them for my room and now im sharing it with you!;)

All you will need:)

Little Glass Bottles

  1. Collect everything you need, I was lucky enough to have everything I needed at home but you can get fake flowers from places like the range,dunelm and ikea:) The glass jars can be brought from charity shops and also some garden centres have them.
  2. Cut the flowers down to the size you want to fit into the bottle. This can be difficult as some of the flowers have metal wire in them so they are extremely difficult to cut.
  3. Place them into the jar and arrange them however you fancy. Also an added touch would be wrapping string around the top to cover up part of the bottle.
  4. Place them where you want. I perosnallly think they look cute all together but you can also spread them out and they will still look fab:)
Lots of love,
                    Lydia xx

All Finished:')