Favourite Parts Of My Bedroom:)

Hello again:)
This afternoon I will be sharing a few little cute things around my room with you-  Enjoy:)
(Pictures Below) I have picked....
  • A small heart shaped jar full of buttons- I love this because its full of lovely little buttons and I can add to it whenever I want. I have them on a small table in my room and they look fab!
  • My Butterfly Bracelet Hanger- I adore this item! Its actually on the back of my door and I love it there. They are sort-of co-ordinated by season/colour. I am an obsessive bracelet collector!!
  • My Photo Shelf- I have 5 shelves in my room and on this one I have 3 photo frames my beautiful box of tissues and my clean make up brushes;) This is my favourite shelf;)
  • My Moodboard- This is above my bed and only recently I put things on there! It is full of lots of little different photos off of tumblr. They are all tagged 'and that's who I am' they are really cute and obviously some of them on there are not right for me. But the ones I have found are right for me. In a later blog posts I will share with you what some of them say so you can get to know me and what I am like;p
Anyway,thats all for now:( But hopefully I will be blogging later/tomorrow so keep your eyes pealed for more posts:)
Lots of love

A Gorgeous little jar full of buttons
My Gorgeous Bracelet Collection
My Little Photo Shelf
My Moodboard