How I Organise My Make Up :)

My Make Up Draws
As promised I will be telling you lovely people how I organise my make up:')

 So here goes. I have had this set of two draws for a while now and I used to store magazines and my school books and my make up was all over the place in little boxes and completely unorganised!
Then I decided to sort it out and that was when I had the idea of putting all my make up in these draws. I thought it would be a good idea to have some small boxes in there instead of my make up just being thrown in the draw. So I went out and got some A5 boxes for £1.50 each from the range:)

Inside A Make Up Draw
In one draw I have foundation and mascara and the other one I have eyeliner,eyeshadow and lipbalm:)


*Top Tips*
  • Sort your make up out before you store it otherwise you may have too much. Be strict with yourself and decide what you are never going to use and get rid of it.
  • Have the draws in an accessible place, its no use having them on a high shelf if you need to use it everyday!

That's all for now:)
Have a lovely day and happy organising:)

Lots of love,