Review| Lazy Spa Product

Today I turned on my laptop and realised I had over 100 followers:)))
All the Products For A Review Today
I was so happy, you don't know what this means to me,seriously!
I keeps me going and makes me feel I have to blog to entertain you, So thank you:)

Anyway, today I will be reviewing a selection of products. The products I will be reviewing are actually from Marks&Spencers and they are from the 'Lazy and Speedy Spa Brand'.
I have picked out my favourite products from the huge range to share with you:)

Spray body Lotion
'Lock It In'
This product is made to give you softer and smoother skin. It honestly works really well!
I love how it is a spray meaning its easy to put on and it leaves your skin with a healthy glow.
I apply it after I have had a shower and then massage it gently.

Facial Cleanser
'Look Lively'
This refreshing facial gel is supposed to leave your skin feeling fresh and cleansed. However I didn't find this with this product. Instead I found it was slightly glue like and sticky. Not something you want to put on your face! This is actually why I changed to use the simple brand facial wash.

Overnight hand & foot cream

'Sleep Onit'
This is my absolute favourite hand cream in the world. This cream leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and rested. I put it on before I get into bed and in the morning my hands are so smooth and soft.
This product was on sale when I brought It and it was only 90p!!
This is a product I would 100% recommended!:)

So,thats all for now:) Thank you again for following, it means so much to me and I hope you enjoyed reading me little review:)
Lots of Love
Lydia xxx