March Favourites 2013

Hello there:')
Today i will be doing a new post. This post will come around every month and i will simply share with you the products that i have been loving this past month. Many bloggers/vloggers do this and i have decided to join in:')
*A few little things to note - Please ignore my theme!! I clicked the wrong button and i cannot seem to get it back but i am trying and i will succeed!*
Ok,lets go:') This month i have been loving so many products but i managed to whittle it down to just 6 products.
My March Favourites
St Ives Apricot Scrub.

This amazing products is actually a face mask. You simply squeeze it onto your hand then place it onto your face. Its perfect for dry/sensitive skin. You leave it on for 5-10 minutes and let it exfoliate your skin by removing dull and dead skin cells to reveal smooth and healthy looking skin. St ives have recently had a re-branding so the tube looks different but its only about £3.99.

Natural Collection Liquid Eyeliner.

I adore this product. As you all know i adore Natural Collection and this is just one of my favourites. This is the first liquid eyeliner i have ever brought and its so cheap but does the job really well:') It was only £1.99 as are most of the natural collection products. I am not going into too much detail as i will be fully reviewing this product soon:)

Ingredients Peppermint Foot Scrub.

I brought this in a set. I came with a foot cream and a few bath bombs too:') You put this on your feet while you are in the bath/shower. It smells absolutely gorgeous! Its also a cute little size so it easily goes into a small wash bag so its perfect for travel. The set cost about £5.99 :) Today i actually brought the second set of this product and its an apricot scent and im excited to use it:')

Protect Dry Skin Cream.

This cream i actually brought from ASDA and it was 67p. I don't see the point in spending £30 on something just because it has a good brand name when you can get something that still does the job just as well but for so much less. This is a cream that you put onto dry skin patches and it helps relieve dry skin and replenish it:')

All For Eve Body Lotion.

I brought this product in TK MAXX and i had never heard of the brand before. I was just looking around and came across it. As you probably know i love all of my beauty products and body lotions. This is the perfect lotion as it absorbs so quickly.  It was just £3.99 but rrp at £10.99 so i got a bargain there. I will explain in more on another blog post just about this so i can fully explain my love for it there:)

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Moisture Balm

Last but certainly not least is from the body shop. I adore the body shop and i brought this in the outlet and it was fairly expensive( £9.99) But usually in the outlet they have a 'Buy 4 things and get 40% off ' so that's what i did so i wasn't that expensive in the end. It is the most beautiful smelling this in the world and i don't know how to describe it:(( You put it on after a bath/shower and leave it to absorb. It comes in a 48g little tub so its fairly small but travel friendly.

So,thats all for now, i hoped you have enjoyed my 'March Favourites' and hopefully you will enjoy the other favourites posts. I am also fairly aware that my blog doesn't seem to be a 'Fashion blog' anymore but i write what i enjoy and what i think you will like reading and looking at so the fashion side of my blog hasn't gone away forever it is just on a small holiday at the moment!:)
Lots of love,