My Dressing Table

Hello there:) Today i haven't been feeling well as i have a really sore throat and i was struggling to swallow:( But on a happier note.... I decorated (ish) my dressing table. I used to have my telly on there but i have managed to sacrifice it for this so i thought i would share it with you lovely people:)

My Dressing Table
A side view;)

My Make Up Brush Holder 

A Glass Heart containing rings and buttons:))
My Dressing Table

I am really pleased with it:) I have decided to go for a minimalistic look and not have much on there as i did use to have all of my beauty products on there before my telly was there! If you have already seen my beauty product tidy up you will know how much there is!!!:))
Also you may notice a little picture in the top right hand side of the blog. This is the new logo and i am working on the html (background of the blog and highly confusing) to try and be able to be sponsored on other blogs.
If you haven't already, enter the giveaway ^, you could win and all you have to do is just email me!:)
Lots of love:)