My Easter Holiday:)

Hello Everyone:) I am so sorry that i have not been able to post for a few days:( I have been on holiday:) I went to Berlin In Germany. It was amazing and so much fun but very cold. So here i have some photos for you all to see of what i did while i was on holiday!

So there you go:') I had such an amazing time and took over 300 photos! So this is just a tiny handful of photos. Going on holiday had created more posts for you all to see. Soon there will be posts on
  • What's In My Make Up+Wash Bag
  • The Perfect Packing List
  • My Empties (Not Berlin Related)
  • My March Favourites (Also not Berlin related)
Also tomorrow i will announce the glitter tray winner. I also have a fashion shoot lined up for tomorrow as well so more photos for you all:) Last but not least there will also be a new giveaway featuring on my blog for you all to enter to win for free!
*Last chance to enter the giveaway for this month. Closes today at 3pm so be sure to email to be in with a chance of winning the glitter tray. Enter Here Now!*
Lots of love,
Lydia xxx