Pamper Evening Essentials

Hello There:')
Today is an inset day *smiles and claps* so i am very happy indeed. It also means it is the start if the Easter holidays which means two weeks off and lots of chocolate:')
Today i will be telling all you lovely people who to have a perfect pamper evening. If you are unsure what a pamper evening it is when you take a few hours out for a bit of 'me time' also it can help you 'de-stress'. I love having pamper evenings as i have so many beauty products and its a perfect opportunity to try everything out:')

I had my pamper evening last night and i usually have them every fortnight. Its important not to rush it so make sure you have enough time. My pamper evening lasted 2 hours last night so make sure to allow enough time:)

  • Run The Bath and light some candles to set a relaxed atmosphere:)
  • Add some bath bombs/bubbles. I used some beautiful bath bombs from lush. I also crushed a small one under running water and this created lots of bubbles:)
  • Collect everything you are going to use in the bath ( I will list what i used below)
  • Grab a snack. I got some ice cream but not the whole tub, the tub was nearly finished so i just used the tub instead of a bowl:)
  • After your bath use some beauty products ( I will list what i used below)
  • Put on a face mask:) A pamper evening is not complete without one!

What I Used In The Bath

  • Miss Cole - Perfectly Polished
  • Ingredients - Foot Scrub
  • Soap & Glory - Bath Soak
  • Body Shop - Shower Cream
  • Cath Kidston - Bath Crystals
  • Bath Bombs

What I Used Out The Bath

  • Ingredients - Foot Cream
  • St Ives - Apricot Scrub (Face Mask)
  • Soap & Glory - Spray Body Lotion
  • Body Shop - Spa Wisdom Cream
  • Soap & Glory - Body Butter

*Top Tips For  A Pamper Evening*
  • If you wash your hair use water out of the taps not the bath water as it has so many chemicals added to make it smell nice and you don't want that in your hair
  • Have a cold snack like ice cream. As the bath water evaporates and there can be a lot of steam and then you get hot and feel light headed so its good to have something to cool you down
  • Relax and enjoy yourself. Its a time where you get to just relax for a few hours make sure your relaxed and happy:)
  • Allow a lot of time! I chose not to have pamper evenings on school nights as i just don't have enough time and i am rushed and its not the same.
  • Have it before bed:) Then when you get into bed you feel all cosy and clean:)
Hope you enjoyed todays post:)
Let me know if you want to see more posts like this?
Lots of love:)