Trial Products Final Review

Hello:') Today was a lovely sunny day so i decided to go outside and write this blog post for you all:') Before i go any further, have a look at the giveaway tab at the top ^. I already have quite a few entries but you could be winning the glitter tray for free! All you have to do is email me. Its really that simple. Anyway, have a look and keep your eyes peeled for the next monthly giveaway:)
So, onto the post:) You may remember about a week ago i shared with you some of my recent purchases that i was going to trial out and then tell you what i thought of them:)
After a week of trailing out the products i finally have some useful (hopefully) feedback for you.
Soap & Glory Spray on body moisturiser.
This is amazing:) It smells divine and leaves your skin soft and smooth:) I put it on after i had a shower. It doesn't take long to soak in which is fab. It is Soap & Glory so it isn't the cheapest product around but you can get 3 for 2 on all their products in boots so that's good:) Only bad point is that the bottle isn't very big and it won't last long. So when i used it i was quite sparing with it as i don't want to waste it.
Nivea Anti-Perspirant
This is my fav deodorant ever now. I have always been looking for a good one and i usually go for sprays but this is a roll on and its fabulous!:) Its only £1.99 so its very affordable. It have a strange texture sort of like soap but it works and I'm definitely going to re purchase it:)
Nivea Rescue and Care Hand Cream
This is a good hand cream but it isn't my favourite. I did go out looking for a different one and found it but it was £7.99 and i wasn't prepared to pay that for a hand cream. So instead i brought this one at only £2.99. It is good and does the job but it takes ages to soak in meaning your just stood there unable to do anything because your hands have got hand cream on. That's a bit of a problem for me and i don't think i will be re-purchasing it after i have used it up.
Tesco Night Cream
I have been looking for a good night moisturiser for ages and i think i have found it !:)) This product is absolutely amazing and i love it!! It was only £1.00 but i would have happily paid much more for this brill product! Only negative is that once i have it on my cheeks do tend to go a bit pink/red and im not sure if this a reaction or if it is just me applying it too roughly. Either way i will be definitely buying this again!
There you have it:) This has taught me never judge something by its brand. I was going to get a more expensive night cream from a more expensive brand but i chose to get the Tesco Value one and i am so pleased i did. Its fab!
Lots Of Love