Review | All For Eve Body Lotion

Hello everyone:) Today i will be posting a review for a product that i recently brought. Sorry about the photo:( It was the one that i used for my march favourites but unfortunately i didn't have another photo and i didn't want to take another one so yeah. Its the one in the middle:) The product is called 'All for eve body lotion'. I brought it in TK MAXX for £3.99. I have recently discovered that All For Eve is a brand with the purpose of raising funds and awareness for gynaecological cancer research by selling beauty products and cosmetics. I had never heard of the brand before i brought i but i will now keep my eye out for any others i see.
I picked it up purely because i liked the packaging and was intrigued. Not because i needed another body lotion because i don't!

Anyways, this product smells beautiful and it makes my skin feel so soft. It does absorb fairly quickly but not straight away which can become a small problem. It leaves my skin soft and smooth and that it why i love it!:) The packaging is actually what grabbed me. It is plain and simple and its got a nice style. If that makes sense. The only problem that i have with it and its not a huge problem just something i have to mention as a problem. But it is the fact that it is not that thick. I understand that's probably that is how they want it but you go to squirt some out it tends to come out quickly.
I would highly recommend this product though and i will certainly keep my eye out for any more of there products. Hope you enjoyed todays short review and have had a great weekend;)
Lots of Love,