April Favourites

Hello everybody:')
Before i begin today's post i would like to apologize simply for not posting daily for the last week. I know it annoys me when i look at other people's blog and there is not another post for me to read. But today i am back, with my April favourites. I only began this post series last month. But its a great way to share the products i have been loving over the last month with you. I also prefer to write the post before the month is actually over;) I love writing my monthly favourites on the weekends as i have more time to give a more detailed review.

April 2013 Favourites

Simple Light Moisturiser
I cannot actually praise this product enough. It is amazing and i will do a more detailed review in my skincare routine post soon. But this is amazing. Over the past month i have managed to get myself into a great skincare routine and i apply this product in the evening and morning and it makes me feel so refreshed. You can really notice a difference with this moisturiser and i recommend it to anyone who has sensitive or normal skin. Simple also do a rich moisturiser mainly for dry skin too:) This costs about £3 but it varies depending on what store your in and if there are any offers etc..

Percy & Reed Conditioner
Another amazing product. I received this free sample of the conditioner and it is beautiful! It makes my hair feel all soft and glossy. Its beautiful and smells absolutely amazing! I have nearly finished it and i probably wont repurchase it after i have finished it. This is purely because it actually costs £16.99 from ASOS and i just think this is too expensive for a hair conditioner.

Soap & Glory Bubble Bath
I recently-ish brought this from boots and it cost me about £5.50. I have the small travel side one and i thought as i loved it i would buy the full size one. It is great and creates oh so many bubbles. I love it and soap and glory is my favourite brand of beauty products. All of their products smell amazing and i have used this in every single bath i have had in the last month and its great.

GVC Eyelash Curler
I didn't use to use eyelash curlers but more recently i have been. I have used this one daily for the past month. It does look slightly scary but it really is not. I use it before and after using mascara. It is definitely the best eyelash curler i have ever owned. I also recommend the other GVC make up brushes as they are also all amazing! This was fairly pricey at around £7.50 but so worth it.

Vosene Detangle Spray
My sister gave me this product and i actually cannot thank her enough. I have curly hair and i do not brush my hair. I only comb it in the shower and therefore it can become slightly knotty and that is simply why i use it. I do only recommend using after a shower or when your hair is wet. After using it my hair smells beautiful and honestly it gives my hair so much shine and extra softness.

Sally Hansen Polish Remover
I have actually read so many bad reviews about the sally Hansen nail polish for acrylic nails and i picked up this one for dry and brittle nails. I was worried that it would be awful but it is infact the complete opposite. It takes all of my nail varnish off and actually makes them really strong. It normally takes me about 3 or 4 cotton wool pads to take it off but this is great and takes all my nail varnish  off with 1 cotton wool pad. This product only costs £2 so a great bargain:)

Pretty Quik Nail Deterrent
I used to have gorgeously long nails but in a recent science test i was so nervous that when i walked out i had no long nails left. I was so disappointed in myself but i found this and have never looked back since. It is a sponge soaked in this disgusting tasting liquid. You dip your finger into the sponge and it coats your nails in this liquid. It is great and has stopped me biting my nails:)

That's all for now.
I hoped you enjoyed reading about the products i have been
loving this month:)
Lots of love,