Best & Worst Highstreet Foundations

Hello there:')
I apologize for not posting for a few days:( Today i will be doing another different type of post today. I seem to be experimenting in different posts or different post series and this is a series of posts. I will write about different types of make up and the best and worst ones. Now by the term 'high street' i basically mean small stores that sell different brands like boots and Superdrug. I don't mean high end expensive brands. Everything i will write about will be affordable. So, lets get started.

Best & Worst High street Foundations

So, here are the products i have chosen to try out over a while and i will just pick the best and worst. In other words i will not be reviewing every single one of them!;)
I chose to buy (From Left - Right)
  • Natural Collection - Shine Away Foundation ( £1.99 )
  • Miss Sporty - So Matte Perfect Stay (£3.49 )
  • Natural Collection - Colour Foundation ( £1.99 )
  • Miss Sporty - So Clear Perfect Stay (£3.49)

The worst product from this small collection is the Natural Collection Colour Foundation. Now this saddens me as this is my favourite brand:( But it is truly awful! It was actually in my disappointing products and you can check that out here. The reason i didn't like it is basically because it makes you look so orange. They have a really small selection of colours and this consistency is horrible. It makes you look all patchy and eurgh! Sorry Natural Collection i usually adore you:(

The best product from this collection is the Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay. This is great and i know the brand isn't the best in the world but it is an amazing foundation! They have a larger selection of colours and many brands don't actually have my shade to sell but they did:') It says it lasts 14 hours but i haven't tried wearing it for 14 hours. But, the consistency is perfect and makes your skin look glowing and beautiful:')

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favourite best and worst foundations and be sure to keep your eye out for another post from this series:)
Lots of love,