Disapointing Products #1

Hello there:')
Today i will be writing a post for you called 'Disappointing Products'. Incase you haven't guessed this post will be about products that i have brought and have been disappointed by. I just want to say this is me honest opinion and i am sorry if you use any of these products and love them, this is just my opinion. Lets get started.

V05 Styling Mousse

Incase you didn't know i have naturally curly hair and i like to try different products and decide which one i like best. This is a 'Weather resistant mousse' and 'gives you 24hr protection'. I didn't find this worked for me. I guess i expected more from it but it was just not all that great. It did give my hair lots of volume but when you pump it onto your hand it goes all sticky and i just don't want to put it in my hair. So it does have a weird consistency.  It isn't that expensive but it does come in  a 200ml bottle so it is salon size.

Protect Facial Wash&Mask Dual Action

I brought this product in Asda and it was just under £1. I really dislike it. The consistency is actually really good and the effect it gives your skin after taking it off it actually amazing. So that is obviously not a problem. The thing is the smell. AHH. I really don't like it. The smell is actually 'Melalecau Alternifolia Leaf Oil'. I didn't know this. I read it off the back of the packet. But yes, i hugely dislike it and therefore don't like to put it on my face and anywhere near my nose.

Nivea Hand SOS Cream

Many of you already know that i actually brought this product as it was cheaper than another hand cream i did actually want. Its horrible. It takes ages to dry and soak into your hands so its pretty useless. Also it is really sticky and i found it actually does nothing to your hands afterwards. Although it does claim to instantly soothe dry and chapped hands but it did not work. Sorry Nivea i usually love you!

Natural Collection Colour Foundation

It actually upsets me to say this. But i am disappointed with the foundation!
I brought this as my other foundation ran out so i thought i would try this one out. Its not great. I brought the lightest shade they had but it still makes me look slightly tangoed. I don't like it but it was cheap so it wasn't as if i wasted loads of money. I do occasionally use it but it like to use a lot of the pressed powder ontop to loose the orange-ness. So only buy this if you have medium/dark coloured skin and it will be perfect for you just not my cup of tea.

Accessorize Lipstick

I only recently brought this lipstick from accessorize when i went shopping and i thought it was a bit of a bargain. It was only £1.99 and it came in shade 7 called Velvet Pink. Now i don't know about you but i really am not a lippy girl. I wear nude shades only but i thought i would try this out. Velvet pink sounded like quite a cute little light colour that i may like but it is not at all. It actually was a dark sort of luminous bright pink and i really do not like it. So i have learnt a lesson for next time im lipstick shopping to open them up and not just trust the little sticker at the end of the packaging.

So, there we go. Hopefully i wont be posting posts like this for a while as when i do it means i have usually wasted my money which is not good. But anyway, hope you all have a lovely weekend and have enjoyed reading this post and like i said at the beginning this is just my opinion so don't get offended if you love them:')
Lots of Love,