How To Be Confident | With Yourself

Today i will be writing a different style of post for you all. I seem to have been experimenting with different series of posts to try and help my blog along:')  Anyway, this post is hopefully something that might just cheer you up if you are self conscious with how you look. I have been requested to do this post by someone as they sent me an email about how i had inspired them and how each and everyone of my posts cheered them up. This email made me feel so happy and like i may just be helping someone. So, today i plan to tell you about how i am confident with my self.
I know many people that are self-conscious and are not happy with themselves and i used to be one of those people although i didn't tell anyone so now i am sharing it with you now. There was one tiny weeny simple thing that made me feel more happy with myself. It is in fact this little quote by the side of my mirror. It says 'I hope you feel beautiful today'. I found it on tumblr and thought it looked cute. I printed it off and put it on a small peg that i had in my room. I chose to put it next to my mirror not really thinking much about it. But it has really helped me feel more confident. Each time i look in the mirror i see this and whenever i don't fell happy with myself i think about how lucky i am to be here on earth. Living a lovely life surrounded by amazing family and friends.
Tips for being confident with yourself.
  1. Recognise your talents and your achievements from the past and what you want to achieve in the future. In other words think about the positive things in your life
  2. Understand your not on your own. There are many other people that are not confident with themselves so your not alone and there are people you can talk to
  3. Find a nice quote on the internet that you would like to have and also that can help you like it has helped me.
  4. Print it off and put it in a place where you look a lot. I chose my mirror because i use it a lot and therefore see the quote and it boosts my confidence.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my post today about being confident. If you feel that any thing I have spoken about today might be something you relate too, Better Help has so many articles on confidence and I have picked out a few of my favs for you to read if you want more.
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Really worth the read if you have the time and want to learn any more.