Haul #1 - Next,Body Shop, Boots & More

Hello Everyone:') Today i will be doing a post for you called a haul. Incase you do not already know a haul is when you share all the things you have brought recently and say a bit about them.
You can just simply do an individual haul focussing on only one or two shops but i have done a collective haul as i went to so many different shops and brought so many different things!

So i went shopping.
First off we went into marks and Spencers. Now i don't particularly like this store but they do sell some amazing beauty products so i brought a set of bath creams and a cosmetic purse:) After we went to the body shop outlet. This is a lovely store and it smells lovely! Also everything is a teeny bit cheaper than the normal stores.  I brought two shower gels and repurchased a vanilla body mist. Next we went in to accessorize. They always have a sale on so i brought a gorgeous little bracelet and two lovely rings. After that we went into Clarks and my sister found me this lovely floral print purse! So i got that. Then we ventured into fat face where i did buy a gorgeous little top but i want to write a separate review/post on it so i have left it out. Then we went to Next. This Next is called Next Clearance. I am not particularly sure why but there is always a sale on and i love going in there. I did find i few clothes but my mum currently has them saved for spring so i couldn't share:( Anyway i brought two nail varnishes. A clear top coat and a sparkly one:)
Where we actually went shopping there is a separate high street so we went down there. My mum went into a shoe shop and me and my sister walked off to boots. I had originally just gone in there for make up wipes but came out with a lot more. I did buy make up wipes as well as a repurchase of a simple facial toner and a huge soap and glory bubble bath and body lotion cream. Then i had a quick look at the natural collection stand and it was still 3 for 2 so i managed to pick 3 things up easy peasy:) I will share what i brought separately for you from natural collection:)

So,thats all for now. I hoped you enjoyed reading about what i brought yesterday. I certainly enjoyed buying them:')
Lots of love,