Mini Wardrobe Tour

Today i will be writing a fashion related post for you all. I didn't really know what to call this post as i am showing you all inside my wardrobe but also my top 3 favourite items inside there. So anyway, lets get started.

Here Is My Wardrobe
 I absolutely love my wardrobe and the wood matches my dressing table, bed, bedside table and my desk:') I do remember right at the beginning when i started my blog i did do a post right at the beginning but i think i removed it because i wanted to do a more in depth review but here is just a mini one. Sorry for rambling,haha.

I have colour co-ordinated the inside of my wardrobe but as you can probably see on the left hand side there a few odd items where i don't really know where to put them. I will do another post on how to colour co-ordinate your wardrobe sometime in the future. In the winter my wardrobe is usually full of darker colours like black and blue and also i have a lot of cream and white jumpers. This obviously changes in the summer to a more pastel wardrobe. So, now i have just selected 3 favourites from my wardrobe so i will share them with you too.

This is a vintage jacket and i love it. It is a dark green/grey colour. I think i got this a while ago from a charity shop but it was originally from a shop called Seduce. I actually know off the top of my head that Seduce is one of Australia's premier fashion companies. I tend to wear this a lot in the spring and summer.

This floral jeans are from Topshop. They are so cute and have so many different spring/pastel colours. They are not full length jeans they are actually cropped skinny trousers but i love them. I also wear these in the spring/summer as they are quite light and they don't stick to you.

This jumper is one of my most recent purchases and it is actually from Next. It was originally £35 but i got it in the sale the day before i went to Germany for £15. It is a light jumper so not an extremely heavy one. It has such gorgeous little jewels around the neck and it is so beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed todays post and make sure to enter the giveaway.
Also keep your eyes peeled for another wardrobe spring tour:')
Lots of love,