My Hair Care Routine

Hello:') Yet again i am doing a different style of post. Today i will be posting about my hair care routine. I will share with you the products i use on my hair and a few tips for your hair.
Incase you didn't already know, i have naturally curly hair:)

What Do I Use On My Hair?

I tend to stick to the same brands of hair products just because i then know they suit my hair. I usually use alberto Balsams conditioner and shampoo just because it is what my parents by when they go shopping. But i know it is very cheap and works really well:)

Recently, i got myself a conditioner freebie:) It is Percy&Reed conditioner and i believe that you can buy it from ASOS, John Lewis and Selfridges. It smells so good!!! It is called the 'Really rather radiant colour& shine conditioner'. Long name,hah! But anyway, its beautiful and leaves my hair all glossy and smelling beautiful! I do only use it occasionally as it would have originally cost me £16.99 and i think that is slightly pricey for a conditioner but it is great and works my hair wonders.

After i come out of the shower, i use a product called noodle head. It is actually a mousse and you apply it to wet hair. It really just accentuates the curls. It also smells lovely. I use it every single day and i love it to pieces. In the picture the tube looks teeny. It isn't really, its just because there wasn't much left so we cut the tube down so we could still get the rest of it out. The really bad news is that this product is actually being discontinued fairly soon so i will have to find something else to live up to its amazing standards.

The good and bad things about having curly hair
I can think of many different things for both of these topics about curly hair and the first good thing is that i don't actually have to brush my hair!:) I know many people who spend hours brushing there hair and getting knots out but i do not have to do this. If i do brush my hair it will go all puffy and lose the curl. Although, i do comb my hair gently when i get out the shower.
A negative is that there isn't an awful lot i can do with my hair. I cant really tie it up or put it in a bun like many other girls do.
If i ever decide to grow my hair beyond the length of my shoulders i will lose the curls:( This is quite annoying for me as i would love to have long hair but if i have long hair the curls will go. When my hair gets to my shoulder length the top part loses the curl and becomes straight while the bottom is all curly.
That's all for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my hair care routine. I will soon be doing a skin care routine and a make up routine to follow in this series.
If you haven't already noticed i have done some new style of posts on my blog and i will leave a list here to some of them and the different series
Lots of love,