My Top 6 Spring Nail Varnishes

Hello there:')  Today i will be writing a post about my top spring nail varnishes. I haven't really ever spoken about nail varnish on my blog before. But i do own a fair few,probarly a few too many, but i love them all. I will write a short description about the nail varnishes and finish the post with 'a few updates'.

George Smarty Pants

Everybody knows that pastel shades always come back into fashion in the spring and that is purely why i picked this colour up. I have heard great reviews about the asda nail varnish range and i decided to see what the fuss was about. They are really great and so cheap! This one cost me just £1. They have a large selection so i brought 4. But this is my favourite. It is called 'Smarty Pants' which is such a cute name and it is a lovely teal blue, perfect for spring.

W7 Multi Sparkle

This is a great nail varnish but i will be honest i don't think it looks right on its own. I always use it as a top coat and it looks so much better. I don't know much about the brand W7 but i know that Next stock it and that's why i brought it. It only cost me about £2.50 so a great bargain:)

Natural Collection Peach Manicure

This is another fab nail varnish. I love natural collection as i probably say in every post!! But this nail varnish is by far my most used. It cost me £1.99 and i wear it to school as it is such a gorgeous pale colour but it just makes me nails look so healthy and pretty!

W7 Clear Nail Varnish

This is a clear nail varnish but again i only use it as a top coat. It is especially great over the W7 Multi Sparkle as it keeps the sparkles from smudging and it is fab for helping the nails to dry quicker. I use this on top of every colour as it makes my nails more smooth and lovely.

Accessorize Ombre Pink

I had this nail varnish in a set with another 11 colours and it is my favourite out of them. It is called 'Ombre Pink' as it is a darker pink at the top and a lighter pink at the bottom. This creates an Ombre style effect on your nails too which is oh so cool. I love it and it is another pastel shade:)

Accessorize Natural Beige

I also got this nail varnish in the set and it is a great colour. I wouldn't exactly call it beige but either way i love it. Although it isn't really a pastel shade or in fact a spring colour i still love it. I especially love putting a layer of sparkle on top of it to add colour and sparkle. I think the set cost about £12.

A few updates...
 I will occasionally do these little updates at the end of a post to just inform you of a few things or to tell you what posts are coming up in the future etc..
So, soon enough it will be the end of April and this can only mean one thing.. 'April Favourites'. I know many people actually do their favourites after the end of April but i have decided to always do my Monthly Favourites on a weekend near to the end of the month.
This is just so i have more time to give you a better review so keep your eyes out for that.
Also i will be sharing with you a few more posts from the My.... Routine like
-Daily Make Up
So, again, keep your eyes out for those posts. I also have something else to share with you...:))
Somewhere in the near future there many be a few colab posts on my blog.
These are basically posts where you collaborate with other people to do a post on an interest you both share. I will be collaborating with my friend, Gina.
Gina is a new blogger and i would love it and so will she, if you check out her blog:)
She will be reviewing make up products and talking about it so be sure to check it out!
That's all for now,
Lots of love,