Re-Decoration Of My Bedroom

Hello again:')
Over the weekend my mum and I redecorated one wall of my bedroom. We used a light violet colour which i adore. I did have a similar colour before but it did fade so we just re painted it. But either way i love it. I did have a set of two shelves in my bedroom but i didn't have a lot on them and they just made my room look so much more crowded than it actually is. So after taking the shelves down and repainting the walls my dad put up a cute little shelf unit on my wall and i love it! Here are some small photos for you to see:))


Now a few weeks before repainting my room my mum and I went shopping for a small draw unit to hold all of my beauty products. We went to the range, dunelm, next and a few charity shops looking for something but no where that i went had what i was looking for. If they did the units were about £60 which i think it way over priced. But when we returned home my mum told me she had a unit in the garage. So, i used that one. It is perfect and actually matches the new shelve unit in my bedroom:) I do like all of my units to match incase you hadn't already noticed!!;) I love this new unit for my beauty products and i have actually used all of the products more than i used to just because i can see them and i know what i have and don't have. On the shelves i have..
  • Body sprays and deodorants
  • Skin care items like toners, face masks, moisturisers and lotions.
  • Hand creams and other tube creams
  • Body lotion, nail varnish remover and spray on body lotions.

          So, here are the new items in my bedroom and i hope you have enjoyed reading about it.
I will soon do a post on how to keep organised in your bedroom and a few tips on keeping it
tidy all the time and not just for a few weeks. So keep an eye out for that.
Thank you for reading:)
Lots of love,