Whats In My Bag?

Today was a great day, i managed to sort the followers gadget out:) All i did was use an older theme that i had saved on my laptop and it worked so *fingers crossed* it will keep working forever:')
Anyway, today i am doing a 'What's in my bag' post. It has been highly requested so without further or do lets go:)

David Jones Satchel Bag
Here is my current handbag, It is a David Jones bag and i absolutely adore it. I also use this bag for school too and its perfect. At first it was a squeeze to fit everything in it and close it but now it has stretched a teeny bit and its perfect!

Here are all of the items that i currently have in my bag.
  • Company Spring Magazine - I always carry a magazine incase i feel like flicking though it.
  • Glamour Ultimate Guide To Everything Beauty - I love this booklet and always read it.
  • Accessorize Butterfly Purse - This purse was £8.99 and i love it so much.
  • Cath Kidston Spring/Summer Catalogue - I keep this in my bag incase i want to have a look.
  • Make Up Bag - I now actually have a new bag but i always keep this in my bag incase i need it.
  • Tissues - Always handy to have in your bag.
  • Cath Kidston Mirror - Can't apply make up without it
  • Soap&Glory Hand Cream - One of the best hand creams ever and perfect handbag size.
  • Fault In Our Stars - I am currently reading this book and i love it
  • Pen & Pencils - Incase i need to write anything down
  • Filofax - My own personal calendar and organiser.
  • Journal - Has everything to do with my blog in. Like future posts and other little things. I love it and it was only £1.00 and i added the label for cuteness!
So, this is everything i have in my bag. I will also do a post soon on 'What's In My Journal' and this will include pictures and writing from inside my Journal. I hope you are all ok and have enjoyed reading this post and finding out what's inside my bag:')
Lots of Love,