Whats In My Journal?

Hello:) Today i will be doing a second post in the 'What's In My....' series.
This is a post where you literally get to find out what's inside different items of mine such as my travel make up bag and my handbag. Many people use a journal for personal feelings but I do not. Instead I use it for notes about my blog. I write  a list posts for the future as well as on going posts and series.

Ok, so there is a few little pictures of what is actually in my journal and now i am going to share it with you in more detail
  • Blog Post Topics - This is just a small notes list of all blog posts that i think i could do when i am out and about. I cross them out after they have been posted too:)
  • In depth product reviews - This is a page in my journal where i write a list of products that i think would be great to review. As you can see there are only actually two items in there but i am working on it.
  • My empties blog post - This is a blog post that many of you actually know i am desperate to do! But i just don't seem to be using things up quickly. Here is just a list of the products that i know i am nearly running out of and they can be included in the post when they are empty!
  • Pintrest Page - Here is a page in my journal that  is completely dedicated to pintrest. It is a list of moodboards/dashboards that i would like to create some time in the future.
  • Disappointing Products - This is where i simply write down products that i have brought/used that have really disappointed me. I usually leave a few notes why as well to help me out.
  • Blog post on going series - This is just a list of all of the series that i currently have running on my blog incase i am ever stuck for ideas i can use one of these series ideas.
  • The lost weekend, Sophie Dahl - I love this little magazine. It is full of pictures of Sophie Dahl's new collection. This was free inside the latest Tatler magazine which my lovely parents have brought a 12 month subscription of Tatler for me:) *smiles and cheers*
  • Glamour, Your ultimate guide to everything beauty - This is fab and it was free inside a Glamour magazine which i picked up recently. It is full of everything beauty related and i love just flicking through it:)
  • Blank Face - I have this in my journal just incase i want to create a make up look onto a blank piece of paper. Sounds weird, i know. But it is handy in places like boots where they sell pressed powders and your not sure what shade fits with the foundation. Its a good alternative for using your hand. Although don't use foundation on it.Unless your skin tone is a bright white
That's all for now, i hope you have enjoyed having a peek inside my journal:)
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Lots of love,