What's In My Travel/Make Up Bag

Hello:') Today i will be writing a highly requested post and that is 'What is in my Travel and Make Up Bag'. Now i don't have a make up and travel bag in my room full of items i just pack the bags when i need to take them on holiday or for a day trip.

Inside My Make Up Bag

My Make up & Travel Bag

Inside My Travel Wash Bag
 My make up bag is actually from my sister. Its a gorgeous baby pink colour with a vintage Vaseline lips sign and picture. Inside my make up bag i have a number of things -
  • Pocket Cath Kidston Mirror
  • Barry M Coverstick
  • Natural Collection Liquid Eyeliner
  • Natural Collection Lash Curl Mascara
  • Natural Collection Lipstick
  • Natural Collection Pressed Powder
  • Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls
  • Selection of Brushes
  • Body Shop Eyeliner Pencil
My travel wash bag i brought myself. It was a Christmas gift set and it contained an impulse very pink spray and shower gel. It is now used as my travel wash bag and contains -
  • Nivea Crème Soft Shower Gel
  • Nivea Irresistibly Smooth Body Moisturiser
  • Nivea Moisturising Cream
  • Nivea Dry Confidence Deodorant
  • That Girls Got Attitude Body Spray
  • Super Cool Berry Shower Gel
You may notice that there are a few of the same brands in each of the bags! Incase you hadn't noticed (Nivea and Natural Collection). I love both of these brands and Nivea have a great travel size items:')
I have now removed the followers gadget from my blog until i can get it fixed:( Hope you all had a lovely Easter yesterday:')
Lots of Love,