Collab Post | High End Product Dupes

Hello everybody:') I cannot actually explain how excited i am to be writing this. You may have noticed in my 'Updates' gadget on the right hand side of my blog that i wrote saying their would be a new style of post on my blog during this week and this is it. I am writing a collaborative post and if you don't know what that is i am basically doing a joint blog post with somebody else.
I am collaborating with Gina who i know from school and who is also has a  beauty blog.

We are both writing this post on high end product dupes. This basically means that Gina will pick out a few high end products and i will try and find some duplicates to the expensive ones so you don't have to spend loads of money on it if you don't want to. I am going to use photos off of the internet for this post purely because i don't own these products and therefore cannot take the picture.
Gina has picked five high end products and given me a mini review on them all:)

Mac Studio Sculpt -
i own this product, and I know many people adore this as well as myself! It is a gel based foundation, which you can apply with a sponge a brush or your fingers. I like to use my fingers, personally! The foundation one that it is medium coverage, but it is
buildable. There is a lot of colours to choose from, and as Mac is a higher end brand you can get matched to your skin colour. At around the £25 mark it is quite expensive, but if you like luxury products like myself I would definitely say it is worth it!
Dupe - Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Here is my dupe for the mac studio sculpt foundation and it is a Rimmel foundation. I do not own this but i know many people that do and love it. It only costs around £8.99. This foundation has a light moisturising texture  and it applies smoothly and leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable all day. Giving a  natural-looking finish.

Benefit They're Real -
I do own this product and it is probably one of the best mascaras I have ever used! It has plastic bristles that are quite pointy! It also has bristles all over the end which helps get all of the lashes! The actual mascara is good as well, but I wish they did a waterproof version! The packaging is also quite snazzy and cute! It is around the £20 it is also quite expensive. As it runs out around 3 months it might not be a repurchase for some people, but definitely for me!

Dupe - Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara
I own this mascara and i think it is a great dupe. It really does lengthen your lashes. I actually own both of these the benefit one and the natural collection one. I can honestly say i prefer the natural collection one. This is just my opinion but i find the benefit one slightly clumpy on my lashes but it is a great mascara. The lash length mascara costs just £1.99
Mac Paint Pots -
Now I don't own this product, but I own similar Benefit ones. This product is basically a creamy eye shadow in a pot, that you can use by itself or as a base. There is lots and lots of different colours, from naturals to bright colours. As they do not crease they are great to use! Around £15 this product is not too expensive. I have heard they also dry out, so you should keep them upside down!

Dupe - NYX Cream Shadow
I also do not own any of these products but i have read amazing reviews. The NYX cream shadows
come in 20 different shades and are apparently super pigmented. They are 'crease resistant' and last all day. They sell for about £5.00 and have a smooth texture.
Nars Blushes -
I do not own any of these, this is purely because of the price. Now as I own 3 of the benefit blushes, which are more expensive, I feel a bit silly saying that. I will try one eventually though. These blushes are great because they are very pigmented, have good staying power and the colours are amazing! These blushers are highly rated, as they are so smooth to put on and not chalky at all they are a dream. For around £21 these blushes are not too expensive but I know there are some great dupes!
Dupe - Natural Collection Blushes
These are fabulous blushes and i own many of them. My personal favourite is 'Rosey Glow'. They have a large selection of beautiful colours and they all suit nearly every skin tone. They are in cute little pots and are a genuine dupe for the nars blushes. These sell at £1.99

YSL Volupté Sheer Candy -
These look taste and feel great, even though I do not own one, I do own an amazing dupe! They are very creamy and soft on the lips. They are very moisturizing and give a great subtle colour without looking too fake and cheap like some tinted lip balms do. Now this is called a lipstick, but it is really only a glorified tinted lip balm. There is a nice range of colours and in the other ranges there is a bigger selection. For around £25 it is quite expensive I am sure some people think it is, but I don't think it is worth the money. (Saying that, i will probably end up with one)
Dupe- Maybelline Baby Lips                           The dupe for this beautiful YSL product Gina actually told me about. I have read reviews about these after she mentioned it and they do sound pretty amazing. They are only available in America but Gina said you can get them from Amazon and Ebay.

 WOW. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post.
I must say it has taken me and Gina a while to write it.
If you want to check out Gina's blog you can view it here and don't forget to follow it.
Lots of love,
Lydia & Gina