Colours Of The Rainbow

You may or may not have heard of this little tag that is floating around the world of YouTube and blogging. It is basically a tag where you pick an item whether it be fashion or beauty and you coordinate it with the colour. It will all make sense in a minute, so lets begin:')

Red - Body Shop 'Born Lippy' Lip Balm

I was having a look through my collection of products trying to pick out a red item and this is the one that first came into my head. As i am not a huge red lipstick person i love this. It costs about £2 from the body shop and it is a lip balm that smells of strawberries which is so delicious. It moisturises and really helps my lips. It also has a slight red tint as well which isn't too much so its perfect for me:')

Orange - Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

WOW. I actually brought this product today and i could not believe it:) I have wanted it for so long but it was £9.99 and i didn't want to spend that much but i found it in Wilkinson's for the small price of £4.98. So i brought it and i love it. It is the perfect colour match for my skin. I really does make you look wide awake and glowing. Its beautiful and i recommend it to everyone, its so amazing!

Yellow - Garneier 'Summer Body'

When i was deciding what product to pick for yellow i honestly really struggled. This is the closest i could actually find and it is sort of golden colour. I purchased this last year for about £3 i think it is a bit more now. Basically it is a moistursing lotion with a sun kissed look. It is not a fake tan it just has a sun kissed look. I personally recommend using it if you already have a bit of a tan. If you do own this don't lather it on loads. Do one sort of 'coat' and although it may not look different the colour will gradually appear. Don't use it as a body lotion though even though it has the most beautiful apricot scent.

Green - Original Source 'Mint and Tea Tree ' Shower Gel

I only recently brought this product and have used it and fallen in love with it. It smells so amazing and i mean seriously amazing! I love the consistency of this and it lathers up so well. It was £2.20 just for this one but there was an offer on 'Buy 2 for £2' so what did i do, buy another too. The other one was vanilla raspberry' and that's also amazing. I love using this in the morning as it is so refreshing and smells so beautiful.

Blue - Nivea 'Gentle Eye Make Up Remover'

I brought this product today as well and i have already used it. It is extra gentle and i love it. I brought it for just £1.99. I just put some onto a cotton pad and use it on my eyes (duh) but it is really good. It doesn't sting like some i have known do. The bottle is a blue colour and that was why i chose it. It is also quite refreshing too and i think this may become a staple in my skincare routine.

Indigo - Barry M Eye Pencil

I honestly did not have a clue what the colour indigo was really like. I thought it was a purple type colour but it turns out it is not. I picked this product and it is a turquoise colour but it will do. It is infact from Barry M and is one of their special edition eye pencils. I do like this a lot, but don't get a lot of wear from it. It is a bright turquoise/indigo so that may be why. It is a nice colour though and it has a very thick pencil end which can have its pros and cons. I do not know if you can still buy this but i honestly wouldn't of thought so.

Violet - Attitude Body Spray

Now this product is nothing to exciting to be honest. It is a body spray that i picked up from savers. It does however have a beautiful scent. It is i believe dewberry and it smells so good. I think it cost just 89p so a bit of a bargain. I actually brought this after i brought my make up setting spray also from the attitude brand as i just loved the smell of it and this is equally as fab!

So, there you have it.
I have done the colours of the rainbow tag
I hope you have enjoyed reading
this and i tag all of you who
want to do this post:)
Have a lovely day,
Lots of love,