How To Perfectly Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Hello :) Today i am going to be posting my most requested post. This is the 'How to perfectly apply liquid eyeliner'. I may just say that i am no expert but i will try my best as i know many of you have asked me at school and i have also received comments and emails asking me for this:) Also thank you so much for all of the interest in the colab post i know me and Gina certainly enjoyed reading it:) My sister is modelling her eyes for me in this post so thank you very much charlotte:)

  • Collect everything you need. You will need some eye make up remover, some cotton pads and also obviously the liquid eyeliner. There are many different ones you can also get different tips like a bendy one, a brush tip as well as a tip which is just like the end of a felt tip pen.

  • Hold the eyeliner tip right on your eye just where the lid starts nearest side to your nose. Hold it there to start it off as this is the line you will have to continue

  • Continue along the rest of your eyelid. Try and stay as close to the lash line as possible. Also don't just go in a straight line follow the lid of your eye.

  • Once you have finished keep your eyes closed. This is so important. Liquid eyeliner does take sometime to dry and some people, including me, my eyelids slightly overlap. This makes the eyeliner spread over the top of my eyelid and then i usually have to redo it.

  • After leaving your eye to dry begin on the other following the same steps.
What if i make a mistake?

Now i am not going to lie and say the first time i did eyeliner it was perfect and i made zero mistakes because i did! Sometimes they can be quite difficult to sort out but others it can be easy. This is wear the eye make up remover comes in handy. You want to make your eyes look the same and equal width of eyeliner on each eye and if you make a huge mistake and then try and correct it you can make it thicker and then you have to alter the other and it goes round like this forever. The main way is to practice! Honestly just practice, practice, practice and you will soon get the hang of it. The mistake on the left is probably not correctable but you  don't have to remove the whole line just the mistake.
How to get a cat eye?
This is really simple and really easy to do. Although just like applying liquid eyeliner it can easily go wrong. All you really have to do is extend the line and add a small flick. The main rule is always to flick upwards it makes your eyes look bigger and more pretty:)


I hope you have found this interesting and have enjoyed reading this.
Good luck to you all if you try liquid eyeliner.
If your using it for the first time i recommend the natural collection liquid eyeliner.
It only costs £1.99 and it is much better to spend a small amount of money just to try it.
After using this you may find that you don't like liquid eyeliner or it doesn't suit you:)
Lots of love,