May Favourites 2013

Hello everybody:) Its nearly the end of the month and that means its time for monthly favourites:) As you all probarly know i do my favourites before the end of the month just because i prefer writing it then as i personally dislike reading them in the next month it just summaries the whole month before its over. Either way, here is my may favourites.

May 2013 Favourites

Simply Sensitive Face Mask
Many of you already know i adore face masks and this is one of my favourites. I actually brought this in boots and it is the boots only brand. I paid for it with my points but i think it costs about £1.50. I have been using this after i shower and following it on with the simple facial wash. It has such a great refreshing effect on your skin and leaves it feeling so smooth and soft.

Skin System Toner
I only recently brought this and i actually brought it instead of the simple facial toner as i used that but i ran out and instead of repurchasing i thought i would try this one out. I always like to try new products and honestly i cannot tell the difference between this and the simple one. There is about £1 price difference but they work exactly the same. Skin System is the asda own beauty product brand and i love it. Also i really like the packaging:')

Diprobase Cream
At the beginning of the month i actually had an allergic reaction to a product i had used and this was my absolute saviour! It is a cream that is designed to help heal eczema and dry skin and it works amazingly well. I used it daily instead of my moisturiser for about a week and within 4 days my reaction had completely disappeared:) I know we got this from the doctors on prescription but if you have eczema i strongly recommend you ask for this it works wonders.

Pro BB Cream
I brought this product a while ago actually. It was from Tesco and usually costs £6.99 but i got it for just £3.33. It is a BB cream and incase you didn't know it can be used as a primer mainly for foundation but if it is a beautiful day outside i don't like to use lots of foundation so i use this  and it gives me a beautiful summery glow. It is really fab and i have it in shade light.

Attitude Make Up Setting Spray
I have wanted a make up setting spray for ages but the only ones i have ever come across are over £10 and i just cant bring myself to pay that much money on a face spray. I picked this one up in savers for just £1.50 and i am so glad i did. I use it after i have finished my make up and it does keep it from fading and it says it keeps it on for 12 hours but i don't know if that's strictly true. It smells amazing and even if i didn't work i would still buy it purely for the beautiful smell on my face.

Johnsons Baby Powder
I used to use this so much but in the winter i tend not to use it but i fall back in love with it in the spring-summer time. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and i am sure you probably own this but if you don't go and get some. Its so good and really cheap too!

There you have it,
My May 2013 favourites
I hope you have enjoyed reading about them
and have a great day:')
Lots of love,