Haul #2 - Boots & Savers

Hello:) Today i went shopping and brought a few things. I didn't buy loads but i have about 7 things that i want to show you. I did buy more than 7 things but these are the only things beauty related that i want to show on my blog:) Lets get started:))

First off i went to boots. I actually have an advantage card and if you don't i recommend you get one now! You collect point from everything you buy and can spend the points. So i had a voucher '100 points when you buy and lipstick or mascara'. Obviously i went to the natural collection stand and picked up this 'Lash Build mascara' and i cant wait to try it out.
I also brought the soap and glory 'Clean On Me'. This is a shower gel and i already have the mini travel size one and i loved it so i thought i would buy this one. It cost me £5.50 and i have actually already used some of it and it smells so good!
I had collected around 500 points so i thought i would spend some on products. I brought the 'Simply sensitive hydrating face mask' and this is the boots only brand i cant wait to try it out. I think it normally costs £1.50 but i paid in points so i didn't have to pay cash. Also from the same brand i picked up the 'Simply Sensitive Hydrating Moisturiser'. This cost 100 points so £1:)

After boots i visited a shop called savers. If you haven't heard of savers it is a uk brand and it sells lots of beauty product's and household items really cheaply. It is the uk equivalent to Target.
Anyway, i have wanted a make up setting spray for ages and when i saw this one i picked it up! It is a 12 hour setting spray and smells amazing! I cannot wait to use it and i will review it soon:)
I love the simple hydrating moisturiser and i have nearly run out of it so i thought repurchasing it would be a good idea. I have been looking for it for ages but in supermarkets and boots it is about £3.99 and i know i paid cheaper the first time for it. Then in savers i saw it and it was only £1.99 so i picked it up straight away and i was so happy that i held on to find it cheaper.
The next product is actually from Tesco's Pro Brand. It is a BB cream and i have wanted one for ages but i just find the expensive ones that cost about £15.99. But i saw this one and it was only £3.50 so i picked it up. It was on offer at half price and i have used it already but i cannot wait to do a big review on this product for you all.

Thanks for reading,
that's all for now i hope you liked reading
my mini haul.
Lots of Love,