My Empties #1

Hello everybody:) Today i am in an amazing mood, not only is it gorgeous sunshine and i am actually sat outside in the sun writing this but i am writing my empties post. Many of you already know that i have been desperate to do this ever since i started blogging. Which has now been 5 months:)))
'My Empties' will be a series of posts where i will share with you the items that i have used up. I will do a mini review and state whether i will repurchase it or not and why:) Lets get started..

So, here are my empties. I don't want to say 'of this month' as i can honestly say i will not be able to post this series monthly. As i just don't get through products that quickly.

Miss Cole Bed& Butter
This is a fab product and i am quite sad that i have actually used it all up. Miss Cole is a cheaper alternative to Soap & Glory products. As the both have exactly the same beautiful smell. I use this after i get out the bath or shower. I have actually already repurchased this product and i don't think i will after that as i am trying to use all my products up before i buy any others.

The Body Shop Raspberry Ripple Shower Gel
I brought this in the body shop outlet so it was considerably cheaper. It smells amazing and comes in a really handy bottle. I did love it but unfortunately i already have way to many shower gels so i will not be repurchasing this. It did cost me about £2.50 which was quite a bargain.

Simple Facial Toner
I have been collecting my empties for a while now and this was the first product that i finished. So i repurchased it just before it was finished as this is one of my favourite beauty products of all time and i must have already repurchased it about 10 times. It is great for toning and doubles up as an eye make up remover. I use it on a daily basis and could not live without it.

The Body Shop Eye Concelar
This is the silver tube incase you didn't know. I actually got this free as a sample. It was good but not great. I did look into repurchasing it but i found it was just to expensive to repurchase and considering i didn't 100% love it i will not be repurchasing it. It does what it says and nothing more.

Shocking Raspberry Shower Gel
I got given this in a set of about 5 all different names and scents. It was a good shower gel and that's all really. It is quite small so very handy for travelling. I think the set cost about £5. The only negative is that it only lasted my two showers. I will not be repurchasing this.

Miss Cole Shower Gel
Another great product. The smell is so good and i cannot get enough of the miss cole set. I did get given another set of Miss Cole so i guess that would be counted as repurchasing? Anyway, it was a great shower gel and creates so many bubbles. The smell also lingers all day which is fab too.

Natural Collection Pressed Powder
This is another product that i cant live without it is so good and i also use this on a daily basis.I use it on top of my foundation to create a more natural look. As always it only cost me £1.99. I brought another before the one i was using was even half empty just so i didn't have to go a day without it! I love it and i have already repurchased it:)

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my empties.
I hope there will be another soon for you to read too:)
Also, thank you so much for the amazing response i got from the
It was amazing and really cheered me up;')
Lots of love,