My Shower Gel Tour

Hello Everybody:) Today i am going to show you my shower gel collection. You  may have seen in my last empties post there were a lot of shower items and i thought this would be a great opportunity to show you my shower gel collection, so lets begin.

This is the box where they all live;) I have another four boxes like this they all contain body butters, my hairdryer and a few bath bombs:) This box also has some of my bath items like bath creams and things like that

So, here is my shower gel collection. It used to be a lot bigger (about double) but more recently i have given some away, used them up quicker and restrained myself from buying loads. I will just pick out my top two favourites and tell you a bit about them:)
Soap&Glory Clean On Me
This is the latest edition to my collection. I already had the travel sized version and i loved it and instead of repurchasing the travel size one for £2.50 i thought i would buy the bigger one for just £5.50. I do love it and it has the oh so beautiful soap and glory scent. I don't know whether i like the bottle. Its unique but can sometimes be awkward to use, but i do love the actual product and when i run out i will 100% repurchase it!
The Body Shop Dewberry Shower Gel
I have owned this product for a very long time and have repurchased it a few times too! I love the smell and it creates so many bubbles. I also love it because the scent actually stays on after you have showered. It doesn't make your skin feel dry after use either. A great product that only costs about £2.50:)
That's all for today:)
Lots of Love