My Skincare Routine

Hi everyone:)) today as promised I will be posting about my Skincare routine. This is part of the my....routine post series. Now more recently I have developed a more permanent skin care routine. I use to just apply moisturiser when I thought my skin was feeling dry and I would just use make up wipes to remove my make up. Make up wipes are bad for your skin and if you own some put them in a box under your bed so you only use them when you really have too. They are soaked in lots of chemicals that only remove the impurities from your skin and don't have any other benefits so if your sat reading this before you continue go and hide your Make up remover wipes. You many notice that I do try and stick to the same brand for all of my skin care products because many of them work well together and are meant to be followed on after each other. Lets get started:)

To remove my make up I use the simple purifying cleansing lotion. It is just cream that you put onto a cotton wool pad and rub it into your face. It takes off all of your make up and leaves your skin feeling really soft. This costs £2.99

I then follow this on with my simple facial toner. Many people don't have toners in their Skincare routine but I find it essential. The toner removes any other impurities that the cleansing lotion didn't pick up. It is also great for removing eye make up. The toner costs about £2.99

If i feel my skin needs a bit more love I follow the toner on with the simple facial wash. This is like a gel and you put it onto your face and leave it for a few minutes then take it off with a flannel and warm water. The results from using this are fabulous. It leaves my skin feeling so soft. It costs around £3.50

If I am doing the routine in the morning I will tend to use the simple hydrating light moisturiser. I really like this as a base for make up. It makes you look so much more wide awake and has a really refreshing feel to your skin. It usually costs around £3.99 but I picked it up in savers for £1.99

If I am doing my routine before I go to bed I will use the tesco night moisturiser. I am sure you have heard me many times raving about this product as it is truly amazing. When you wake up in the morning your skin is so soft and smooth. If you don't already own this i recommend you go and buy it as it is such a great product and only costs about £1.

That's all for my Skincare routine today. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it. If you want to read a more in depth review about these products I have already reviewed them. The simple range was my first beauty product review. Aw. And you can read it Here. If you do not have a skincare routine i highly suggest you get into one. I have really noticed  a difference in my skins appearance.
Lots of Love,