Haul #5 - Primark,Lush & ASDA

Oops. I did it again. I went shopping. This time i went to Bristol to a shopping centre called Cabot and broadmead:) I did buy a fair few things but i know that i will use/wear every single one of them.
I did think it was maybe a bit soon to do another haul as my other one was only two days ago, but i am writing another one anyway.

First of all we went into primark. Primark is a store that i believe is only in the UK and it sells lots of fashionable clothing at really really cheap prices. The quality is not always great but i guess you get what you pay for.


In Primark i found many things i liked but i was shopping on a budget and i went in there just to get the things i really needed. I picked up these gorgeous set of four rings for just £4 and i have already worn them all. They are such beautiful spring colours. I also got some sunglasses for just £2.50 and the picture doesn't do them justice but they are really cute. I also found this beautiful simple white plain too with lace shoulders. I have wanted one like this for ages but haven't found one anywhere until now. This top was £4.00. I also found two pairs of shoes, one sandal/flip flop style shoe with beautiful pink beads on for just £3.50 and a pair of nude/light pink ballet pumps with a cute bow on them for just £6.00. Last but not least i found this beautiful heart shaped cushion in the home section. I love the fabric used and it already looks so nice in my room. The cushion was just £4.00.

After primark we went into lush. If you have never ever been into a lush store these little bags/packaging will not mean a lot to you. Inside there are some bath bombs and bath soaks. I already knew what i wanted before we even went in as i had a look in the lush times and i already have my favoutire few. For all you lushies out there i brought 'dorothy' a cute bath bomb that you crush under running water in your bath and it creates mountains of bubbles. See my pamper evening post where i used Dorothy here. Dorothy i think was about £2.90
I also brought 'Twilight' which is a large pink bath bomb that once used created loads of glitter in the bath it is so cute and so relaxing. It was just £3.20.
Last but not least from lush i brought 'Think Pink'. I am yet to try this one but i will surely do a review on it once i have used it. I think this was the same price as Dorothy.
This morning i went into asda and picked up these little items. First off this beautiful bag! I saw it there and thought this is so cute but i thought i would be expensive and i saw it was only £3. Yes i cant believe it either. It was originally £7 and i think this bag at £7 is a bargain but at just £3 it was an offer i could not refuse. I also picked up this lovely blue polka dot pencil case which was also £3.
I always have a look at the beauty products when i go into asda and i saw that they had the original source shower gels on offer. I have more recently been using up lots of shower gels. See my empties post here. I have has a couple of these before and they smell so good. I was going to buy one for £2.20 but then i saw that it was 'Buy 2 for £2' and i thought that was an amazing deal. You can get two for not even the price of one. So i brought the strawberry and the mint one *yaya*
Thats all for now my friends,
Hopefully there wont be another haul for a while
as my purse is feeling quite empty.
But i certainly enjoy writing them:)
Lots of love,