Review | BYS Pallets

Hello:) Today I will be posting a review on two make up pallets. I own so many pallets and these are definitely my favourites. The pallets I will be reviewing are from a company called BYS who I believe are an Australian make up brand. I own just two of their pallets and one of them is a eye shadow and the other is a 'Get The Look' pallet.So one the left is the get the look pallet and one the right is the eye shadow pallet.  I cannot actually remember where i got the pallets from but i know that they both cost under £5 each so a real good bargain.


Ok, so here is the inside of the Eyeshadow pallet. It is well loved! Haha. Anyway, inside there are 9 eye shadows and three rows suitable for different occasions. The first one is called 'pretty eyes' and has a gorgeous nude shade as well as a baby pink and a darker pink. The second row is called 'bright eyes' and the picture doesn't show the first one very well but it is a beautiful light blue. The second is a darker turquoise colour and the last is quite a dark blue/green colour. The last row is called 'party eyes' and the first colour is a sparkly white, the second is a grey colour and the last is a dark black .All of the colours are highly pigmented and last all day. I wear the natural nude colour on the first row on the left because it is a beautiful colour that looks so natural. 

The second pallet is called 'get the look' and is a mixture mod different make up items. It contains a dark pink Eyeshadow for eyes and a dark pink colour.  They are both really bright colours and have a slight neon tint to them. I haven't actually used the pearly white shade yet but i am sure i will soon. Next is a beautiful blush. It is so lovely and I use it daily. It is really well pigmented. It can look a bit pale but once blended on your skin it looks so natural. It is called peach dream and is the most gorgeous colour. The last from this pallet is the soft rose for lips. This is beautiful but it does stain and has a glossy finish that i personally do not like. But it is a beautiful colour.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about
these pallets.
Lots of love,