Haul #3 - Tk Maxx

Hello everybody:) Today i will be doing another haul for you all. Now i did actually go to tk maxx two weeks ago and that's when i brought everything i am going to share with you now but i saved it until now as i only recently did a haul but anyway, lets begin.

Eco Tools Brush & What I Wore Today Book

I must say when i went in i didn't actually go in for anything but i managed to pick many things up;)
First i saw this brush. I have wanted another powder brush but hadn't found one i really loved until i saw this! It is from the brand 'eco tools' and it is so soft! It is a tapered brush and comes in a cute little bag for it too!:) The rrp is £7.99 but i would not pay that much for it i got it for just £3.99 and i will keep my eye out for other brushes from its brand.
I also saw this cute little book its called 'What I Wore Today'. It has space for you to draw what you wore and it also has pages and pages of suggestions of things to wear and how to accessorize. Its so brill and what i love about it is that the pages aren't dated there are just random pages within the seasons where you can draw it in. It is rrp at £9.99 and i paid just £3.99 for it:)

Miss Jolie Shirt
I love this shirt so much. I saw it in there ages ago and fell in love with it. I then saw it in my size and i could not resist. It is from a brand called Miss Jolie which i believe is a London brand. Either way its so beautiful and i love the colours. It is such a bright shirt which is perfect for an evening. I think it would look lovely with a pair of black leggings. I picked it up for £12.99 but i adore it so much!

I saw this one and i just thought it was cute. It says 'Tasty and Refreshing' on it and i just think its cute. I am currently wearing it as a pyjama top but i may decide i no longer want to wear it as a pyjama top and i want to wear it in the day. It is from a brand called Bershka which i had never heard of. It was only £3.99 and it feels really good quality and like its going to last for a long time:)

 This is the last item i picked up from Tk Maxx and it is another beautiful blouse. It has cute little black stars on which are in different sizes and they look so cute. It is from a brand called Mink Pink which i know they sell in some Topshop stores. It does have a longer back to it although the picture does not show it. I am not too sure if i like the length at the back? But i will try it out and if not hop on the sewing machine and try to sort it out:) I cannot believe how cheaply i brought this. I saw it the week before i brought it and it was £20 and i was reluctant to buy it but when i went in last it was £6!! I couldn't believe it and was so happy even more when i saw it was rrp at £55. I did check it out as i thought the rrp was too much but it was 100% correct!

That's all for now,
I hope you have enjoyed reading my little haul.
Keep your eye out over the weekend for another few posts.
Lots of love,