Updated Make Up Collection

Hello everybody:)
I must first apologize as i was going to post yesterday but it was such a lovely day and i didn't want to get out of the sun:)) But im back with an updated make up collection. I watch loads of these videos on YouTube and i was desperate to do an updated one. The only problem is i haven't got a YouTube channel so i just have some pictures and i will just talk about a few of my favourites from each section. My make up draw set is from Ikea and i love it:)

Here is my top draw that contains my compact mirrors, foundation as well as any other face make up, my mascara and also my pallets. I recently brought some BB cream and i will do a review on it soon and that is in the white tube. I love my BYS palettes and will also review them soon too. I also have my eyelash curlers. In the foundation section i have four different liquid foundations, Natural Collection blusher in rosey glow and a few powder foundations.

My Favourites
  • Natural Collection Pressed Powder - This is a holy grail product of mine and i use it daily its so great and i have it in the shade neutral.
  • Technic Natural Lashes Mascara - This is the small product in my mascara draw with the cute white flowers on. I love it and it gives a great natural look

This is my bottom draw and this contains cotton pads, lip products, eyeliners, concealers and eye shadows. I love this draw as it is full of colour:) I have some mini cotton pads and they are £1 for a pack of about 100. I prefer the mini ones but i know many people dislike them. I also have some small No.17 lipsticks which i will review soon. As well as the mini lipsticks i  have a technic natural lipstick and a coral Barry M Lipstick. I have two eyeliner sharpeners and a very large range of eye pencils. I have a small selection of concealers and lots of body shop lip balms.
My Favourites
  • Natural Collection Liquid Eyeliner - I adore this product so much and it is my go to liquid eyeliner. It has a perfect wand that bends to glide across your eyelid.
  • Natural Collection Eye Shadow - This is the small pot in the concealers and is the dark brown closest to the left. It is in shade asteroid and can also be used to shade in your eyebrows too.

Thanks for reading, i hope you have enjoyed reading about
my updated make up collection.
Lots of love,