Best Beauty Buys From Supermarkets

I was actually asked to do this post by an anonymous person who commented, so hey if this was you!:) I am finally getting to write this and i plan to do it in two parts. The first part which i am writing today will be the 'Best Beauty Buys From Supermarkets' and the other one will be 'Best Clothing Buys From Supermarkets'. I have chosen to do only products which you can buy from certain shops like the supermarket own brands. Instead of famous big brands which can just be brought from the supermarkets, if that make sense?

'Best Beauty Buys From Supermarkets'
Protect Dry Skin Cream
I know i have constantly raved about this product! It was 67p from ASDA and you use it on dry skin patches on your face. I don't have set dry skin patches on my skin and i use this probably daily. In my May favourites post i mentioned about Diprobase and if you cant get that as it is on prescription this is a great dupe for that! But seriously its under 70p you cannot go wrong! It definitely helps to relieve these patches and its also fragrance free:)

Pro BB Cream
I think i shared this product with you all in a haul post a while ago? I bought this from Tesco and it is a brand owned by Tesco called Pro Formula. I brought this when it was on sale for £3.33 but i believe it has gone back up to about £6. BB creams can be used instead of a foundation, as a primer but can also be used to conceal blemishes and imperfections. I think i will definitely use it more in the summer as it also has SPF 15:)

Skin System Toner
I actually did a really in depth review on this product only a few posts ago. That's why i don't want to go into too much detail. Read the in depth review here. I brought this instead of the simple facial toner and i think i will repurchase this one instead next time i run out. I use it after taking my make up off to refresh my face and brighten it up. It was from ASDA and cost just £2.

Tesco Hydrating Night Cream
If you have been reading my blog for a long time now it will come as no surprise that this product is in this post. I brought this not expecting a lot. It was from Tesco and cost me just £1. I use it before i go to bed and in the morning my skin is soft, smooth and feels really refreshed. I really want them to create a day cream as i know it would just be amazing!

Skin System Sensitive Wipes
Many of you know i despise the use of make up wipes but i always do have some incase i really do not want to do my whole skin care routine really late at night or if im feeling really lazy. I picked up these from ASDA and they cost just £1. I brought these after i ran out of my boots make up wipes which i really disliked. These are really fresh, very clean and so soft!

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