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Today I have not written this post, I was recently contacted by two lovely girls called Penny and Clio who have recently started there own beauty blog check it out here and they have written today's post as a guest post. Hope you enjoy reading it, over to you two:)

Beauty Don't- Guest Post- Penny and Clio of Beauty Devotion

Hey Guys!

We're Penny and Clio from the blog and Lydia has kindly let us take over her blog for the day to do a little guest post for you! After some deliberation we decided to do a 'Beauty Don'ts' post because we thought it seemed like fun

1. Lipstick

There are many ways that you can go wrong with lipstick, however the three we've picked out are what we think are the biggest lipstick based faux-pas you can make! Firstly, we have 'lipstick on teeth'- this is a mistake many people have fallen victim to- luckily it’s easy to avoid (after applying lipstick simply close your mouth around your finger and pull it out) and fix (just by cleaning residue off the teeth with a clean finger or tissue) Also, another common mishap is using a nude lipstick too pale for your complexion, giving the ‘corpse’ effect- which should be avoided at all costs! Finally, using a lip liner which is considerably lighter or darker than the lipstick used gives a really unattractive ‘mismatched’ look to the lips, especially when the liner is used in one definite line around the lips. So ensure that the lip liner you use blends well with any other products.

2. Fake Tan

When applying fake tan it’s important to pick formulation that gives a natural bronze colour as oppose to making you look orange- which is never a good look! Additionally application should be even to avoid streaking and white hands and feet as this is always a tell-tale sign that you are wearing fake tan and the whole idea is that you should look naturally tanned and not like a tangerine!
3. Foundation

Foundation is key to creating a flawless base and if done right, the results can be amazing! However, all too often people put foundation on that is totally wrong for their skin tone, and this, combined with insufficient blending can result in the ‘foundation line’ surrounding the face, which is always a bit of a makeup-related disaster! Finally, foundation should only be used fairly sparingly to avoid the ‘cakey’ look which makes it look totally unnatural- never the finish you should be going for!

4. Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be really useful in defining the eyes, however, applying it too thick to create the ‘panda-eyed’ look is not how it should be done, and often applying it too thickly can also result in smudges, or even flaking in the case of liquid liner, which should always be removed to avoid getting eyeliner all over your face. Finally, the cat-flick has experienced a resurgence in popularity and is a great way to apply liquid eyeliner, however, you have to make sure that the cat-flicks are totally even to avoid the ‘lopsided’ effect, which is definitely not what you would’ve been
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5. Fake Eyelashes/ Mascara

Fake eyelashes and mascara can really brighten up your look and make you look ‘wide awake’ however they can go drastically wrong. If mascara is not applied correctly it can clump eyelashes together and sometimes even flake off- to avoid this do not put too much on and remove any clumps with a lash comb. Also, mascara is prone to smudging throughout the day, which should always be combatted with a makeup wipe. Lastly, false eyelashes can ruin a look if they are too overly dramatic, reducing the ‘wide awake’ effect they can give and making the eyes look closed up.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post, and thank you so much to Lydia for allowing us to contribute today!

Penny and Clio