Haul #6 - Topshop, Superdrug, River Island & More

Yesterday i went shopping again!;) I had a really lovely day and brought lots and lots of things so i thought i would share them with you!

All of the bags from my very successful shopping trip yesterday:)

We went into new look and there was a lot of discounted items! I have wanted a simple crop top/midi top for a while now and i saw this plain grey one for just £4 so i picked it up:) I also saw this bandeau and it was just £2 so i brought this too! I got black because it goes with everything! 

The Superdrug we went into was huge and i got two flannels for me as i wanted my own for while. These were 99p each. I also got some hairspray because i have small curls on my hair and hairspray is said to reduce them. I brought this one for just 59p. The body sprays were on offer so i picked up my favourite scent for just 87p and lastly this MUA product. I haven't tried any make up from this range but i read a good review about this mosaic blusher so i got it for £2.50:)

We also went into topshop twice and i picked these up on different occasions!:) I brought some of the topshop face wipes as i have run out of face wipes and these are supposed to be amazing and were £2.50 ! I also got this gorgeous ring for just £3.25 and although you cant see it, i love it!
Lastly in topshop i brought some of these little socks for my sister as i know she has wanted some for a while now:)

In River Island i was hoping to get a skirt and a top like i saw on the website but they didn't have the ones i wanted and the other skirts were all around £20. But did pick up some jewellery! I brought a thumb ring with small gold hearts on it for £2 and a beautiful little bracelet with a wing and a bead on it for just £3. When i got to the till i saw this canvas bag and i have wanted one of these for ages to put my belts in and this one is a bag printed on to it and was just £1 so i got it!:)

In H&M i saw this beautiful little skirt! Its a gorgeous coral peach colour and i love it so much! It was only £7.99 and i brought it! I have already worn it and it goes beautifully with the grey crop top that i brought in New Look:)

We had a look in paperchase for a new notebook for me but i thought they were a bit expensive so we went into WH Smiths and i saw this cute bird notebook for £5.99 so i got it!:)
I will use this notebook for my blog things like listing all of the posts i am going to do etc.

Of course we had to go into boots! I brought some of the sally Hansen polish remover because i am running low on my other one! I also brought this simply sensitive foaming cleansing wash and i use it last night and i love it so much! I will do a review on it soon! It cost just £1.50 and the nail polish remover was about £2.00 and i paid with my points:)

We also went into claires and alothoguh i find some of the stuff a bit, well not to my taste, there sales are amazing! I picked up this gorgoues collection of bangles and bracslets for just £2.50 and this beautiful necklace. Its actually three different necklaces but they all look so lovely together and this was also £2.50! An amazing bargain.

That's all for my huge haul today:)
Hope you enjoyed reading about what i brought!
I had so much fun and as you can see brought a lot of items!:)
Lots of Love,