My Empties #3

My Empties #3
When I started this series of post I didnt think it would be a post that came around too often but it is! I have already done 2 empties posts and I only began the series in the beginning of may! Sorry about the quality of the photo! I had to take it on my iPod because my camera is charging! Without further ado let's begin:)

Boots Cleansing Wipes

I bought these a while ago and I just picked them up as I ran out of make up wipes and even though they aren't great for your skin at all I always like to have some just incase I run out of cleanser or toner. Anyway, so I picked these up and if I remember rightly they were about £1.50 which I think is a bit over priced for what they are but I bought them. After I purchased them i heard lots of people raving about them on YouTube but I don't see what the fuss was about. I found them really dry and yes they removed my make up but they left my skin feeling really dehydrated.

Simple Facial Toner

This use to be one of my holy grail products and I must have repurchased it about 5-6 times now. But recently when I ran out of this one I purchased a different toner from the brand skin system. I actually did a review on this on my blog and It was my last post so check it out. I really like this toner and it does feel really refreshing but i have found one that does exactly the same things for a bit cheaper and I expect I will instead repurchase that again after I run out of my other one I don't know. I think this was about £2.99.

The Body Shop Fig & Rosemary Shower Gel

I bought this product a while ago too and it has been great to use it up really. I bought it the same time as the cucumber and mint one and I really hated that one. I mainly disliked the smell both with both of them it was the consistency. I found it really light and not thick! It was just like using water to shower with and I will defiantly not be repurchasing it from this brand although I do love the other body shop brand I just dislike the earth loves range.

Vaseline Hand and Nail Lotion

I got given this product when Vaseline  first developed their skin care brand. When they came out with the body lotions, sprays, butters and scrubs. I did like this but didn't notice dramatic results if I'm honest. I also disliked the consistency. I found it too runny and not thick. When this was given to me it only cost about £1 but not I think it's about £2.99?

The Body Shop White Gardenia Body Mist

Another body shop product in my empties today;) this is their body mist and it smells so beautiful! Your meant spray it on after a shower and just as a perfume really. I do love the scent it's a sort of vanilla smell that I love. I think is originally £7 but I always buy it in the outlet for just £4. When I was last in the outlet I brought it because I thought my other was running out and it was but I have been using it up so much and there was always just a small dribble left in the bottom but its gone now;) only negative is that the scent doesn't really stay on for ages like some perfumes.

La Maison Bath Cream

I bought this from marks and spencer's in a set of four and I thought they looked so cute! I didn't notice a beautiful scent from it but there were some amazing bubbles I found! The bottles where actually what drew me towards it and I will probably keep the bottles and do something creative with them and maybe a diy post?

Miss Cole Bed & Butter

You all probably know I love this product. It has such a beautiful scent which is identical to the distinctive soap and glory smell. I really like this one as it soaks in really quickly and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. This is designed to be used after a shower before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning you have lovely smooth skin:)
Lots of love,