Review | Skin System Facial Toner

I apologise for not posting daily I have a few other things to sort out rather than posting, sorry.
Anyway,today I am doing a review and I haven't done one of these for absolutely ages!
I am reviewing the facial toner from the brand SkinSystem. This is a brand own by asda and is a firmly cheap item. I think it was about £2.


I use to use the simple facial toner and I would class that as one of my holy grail products and I don't think it is anymore. I found this one and chose this instead of the simple one purely because it was about £2 cheaper:) I have completely fallen in love with it and I honestly cannot tell the difference between this and the simple version.
I absolutely adore the packaging on this I find it really simple and cute. I also love the colour! It's a really beautiful pink shade which happens to be my favourite: )

When To Use It

I use a toner after I have cleansed my face and taken my make up off. A toner is great to remove impurities from the skin and generally refresh your face. It also doubles up as a great eye make up remover and this is so gentle on your skin.
The only problem I would have with this is that it obviously isn't available in every shop like tesco and waitrose and this can be a bit of a pain, but it is worth it and I will definitely repurchase it after I have finished it although it is quite a large bottle so i think that it will last me a while:)

What It Claims To Do
This product claims to leave your skin feeling refreshed. It definitely does this! Also to leave your skin feeling moisturised which honestly i didn't really notice. It felt refreshed, soft and smooth but i would definitely still use a moisturiser after this though! It lastly claims to leave it refreshed which incase you hadn't noticed it definitely does!
Price - £2 a real bargain for this product
Stockists - Asda only
Size - The bottle size is 200ml
Rating - 9.5/10
There is my review on the skin system toner.
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