Summer Fashion Essentials

I have been super busy recently and have not had time to sit down and write a post. But i am now:)
This is new series that i am starting today!:) This will come around every time the seasons change. The first part will be fashion and the second will be beauty. I have picked 10 items to share with you so enjoy:)

Primark - £6
 The first item i have picked out is this really simple white t-shirt. I brought this a while ago from Primark for £6 and have worn it so often! It is really comfy and soft. I love wearing simple tops as you can really accessorize. It also has this really cute lace shoulder fabric too and i love it. See me wearing it here.

 If we get a hot summer these will be brilliant! They are from Matalan for just £12 and i adore them so much! I love the freyed edging at the end and the small bits of ribbon and thread around the pockets as it makes them more colourful. See me wearing them here.

These dresses are perfect for summer. Maxi Dresses are light and comfy. This particular one is from the Indigo range in Marks & Spencers and i think it cost me £21 in the sale. It has a beautiful pattern on it and has a beautiful lace shoulder and neck fabric and its so cute! See me wearing it  here.

Another brilliant fashion item for summer is this playsuit! I love this one from Matalan that cost me about £18. It also has a lace shoulder back that is so pretty! I love how it is a top and shorts joined together and there really comfy and light. Perfect for summer!

I also picked this item out of my wardrobe. If your not 100% confident in walking around the beach in a bikini or swimming costumer i highly recommend you get this to wear over the top. They are a bit higher than knee length on me. I have this white one and also a black one. They are both from Dorothy Perkins for about £12 each and have a cute sequin detail around the neck.

This beautiful blouse is from Warehouse and i love it! Its perfect for an evening or even a day outfit. I love the detail around the bottom and on the sleeves. I think this cost about £20 but i love it so much! Its really see though so a light cami would have to be worn underneath but its so cute.

For jewellery i have picked out a few favourites of mine. The first is a little bracelet on the left. It is similar to a troll bead bracelet but a lot lot cheaper! The other bracelets i have picked are these little handmade ones. They are so cute and both have been given to me as a present. The colours are perfect for summer too! The necklace i have chosen is this beautiful baby pink bike from Accessorize. I think its beautiful and is on a long chain too!

The last item for this post is a handbag. For summer i love having just little cross body bags because they are easy to carry and a lot lighter. This one is beautiful and was from Asda and only cost me £3! I love smaller bags as they restrict me from packing my bag with complete rubbish that i don't actually need in there! See me wearing it here.
I have really enjoyed writing this new post
series and i hope you have enjoyed
reading it:)
Lots of Love,