An Updates Post

Hello everybody, In this post i want to simply update you on a few things that are happening soon on my blog or that have already happened and you may not have noticed. I have now had over 8,000 page views and i am nearing 100 posts:)

What's New?
  • New Labels - It has been suggested that i organise my blog posts so that you guys can just view one set of posts. Like just reading all the 'What i wore today' posts. I have added a labels gadget on the right hand side of my blog. So you can click on the labels and that will take you to them. Also there is a search box, so you can search for a post that your looking for:)

  • Subscribe By Email - Lots of you have asked how to follow my blog, its super super easy! Simply click join this site on the right hand side of the page, and login with your chosen site, see super easy! You can also scroll right down to the bottom of my blog and enter your email to get my posts sent to you when i post:)

New Posts

Motivational Monday -  I recently did a poll on the side of my blog on what are your favourite blog posts to read. Without a doubt your favourites were the 'How to be confident' posts.
Instead of posting one of these weekly, because there incredibly difficult and time consuming to write, i have decided to do something else each week.
The 'How to be confident' posts have not gone away though, absolutely no way!

I will be doing a 'Motivational Monday' post each Monday. This is simply an image/quote that should be motivational. I will try and keep it towards being confident with yourself as you all clearly like those. This post will being on the Monday after my 100th post, hopefully soon!

Trial Thursday - This will be a post that comes round every month or so. It will be a product that i have recently brought and i will try it for a week and tell you what i think of it. I will state in the fist post what it claims to do and in the other what it actually does and if its worth it!
The products will probably be recent purchases that have been spoken about a lot in the beauty industry a lot.
Again this post will being after my 100th post.

Product of The Week - This was a suggestion by my sister and i am not 100% if it will happen or not yet? It will be a product that i have loved using throughout the week and my opinions on it.
The only thing putting me off is my monthly favourites as i don't want to talk too much about my favourite things, i don't know yet? It might happen, i will have a think.
Current Post Slight Changes
My Empties -  These posts already exist but i am changing it slightly. I will do this post monthly instead of just 'every so often' this will mean there's more of a pattern to when they occur and i have more posts to write each month.
Monthly Favourites -  After writing my monthly beauty favourites i will begin writing a monthly random favourites. This will include fashion favourites, accessories favourites, film favourites, food favourites, apps favourites etc. You get the idea! This post will being after my July Favourites.
I think that is everything i have to tell you all
about today. Thank you for reading this post and hopefully this has
updated you on what will be happening on my blog after 100 posts.
Thanks for sticking with me:)
Lots of Love,